Eric Daleo

Column: Support the increase

I’ve heard the same story all too often: the performing arts group lacking the funds to put on a concert, the club sport not able to travel to a regional tournament, the student organization without enough money to rent out Lisner Auditorium for an event. My two terms as Student Association executive vice president have […]

Guest column: Local government shafts students

Students get the shaft from the District of Columbia. There’s no doubt that as a group we’re routinely screwed over by our representatives on every level of government. In the summer of 1996, Jack Evans, our D.C. councilman, spearheaded the passage of emergency legislation that essentially prevented students from parking our cars on the streets […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Site offers textbook exchange

Johns Hopkins University graduate student Volvick Derose promises to save students hundreds of dollars on textbooks with a new Web site launched Jan. 31. The site offers students an opportunity to exchange books with other students without any fees or markups. “We pay too much for textbooks,” said Derose, who is pursuing a degree in […]

PB will not host big concerts

Cypress Hill is the biggest concert GW will get this year because of limited campus venue space and an emphasis on student bands, Program Board Chairman Seth Weinert said. Unlike past years, PB will not host any large concerts in the Smith Center because of tight basketball schedules and a limited budget, Weinert said. “The […]

District braces for protests

Saturday’s Presidential Inauguration will bring more than 7,000 protesters to D.C., according to estimates by the U.S. Park Service. As President-elect George W. Bush takes his oath of office on the Capitol steps, 14 separate demonstrations will take place at sites throughout D.C., including Dupont Circle and the Supreme Court. “I hope to see tens […]

GWMail, GWeb revised over break

Over winter break, computer technicians worked around the clock to upgrade internal systems and install a new internet server for the 30,000 students and faculty who access the Web through GW’s computer server, University officials said. The GWeb machine, which provides student services for registration, grades and other personalized information, was upgraded over winter break […]

Phone outages annoy students

Students across campus experienced outages in the University phone service in the past few weeks and were unable to make outgoing local or long distance calls from their residence hall rooms. I have problems dialing out sometimes, said sophomore Rachael Beekman, a Francis Scott Key Hall resident. I went out and bought a cell phone […]

Election eclipses AIDS Day rallies

Rallies at the Supreme Court and cold weather put a damper on GW’s participation in Friday’s World AIDS Day 2000 event. Featured speakers, including D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, failed to show and student attendance was noticeably low at two events promoted throughout campus. We put ads in The GW Hatchet and we put fliers […]

Students walk for homeless

About 300 GW students took to the streets of D.C. to participate in the Fannie Mae Foundation’s 13th Annual Help the Homeless 5K Walkathon Saturday morning. Event organizers said the walk had a record attendance of 40,000, and raised $5.5 million for 204 homeless service providers in the area. Not only did we make a […]

GW beats tuition average

GW’s tuition increase for this academic year was less than the average of private universities around the country, according to a study released last week by the College Board, but GW still has the highest tuition among D.C. universities. The study reports GW’s 4.5 percent tuition increase for the 2000-01 academic year falls below the […]