Emily Achler

What exactly is ‘Mambo Sauce’?

GW Hatchet Video: Mambo Sauce play_blip_movie_489972(); Check out our exclusive interview with DC’s own Mambo Sauce, a Go-go band. Go-go is a style of music that originated in DC and was pioneered by Chuck Brown. Today, Mambo Sauce continues the legacy of this special DC culture. Mambo Sauce is a new band from the District […]

Fearmongering, Hollywood-style

Fear is a very real and motivating force in the lives of Americans. If the color on the rainbow chart of terror alert changes, we think twice about flying. A bomb goes off in the London Underground, and suddenly London and Kabul become indistinguishable. President George W. Bush and crew have long been criticized for […]

Emotional Baggage: “The Darjeeling Limited” movie review

Web Extra “The Darjeeling Limited” (Fox Searchlight) is famed director Wes Anderson’s fifth contribution to the cannon of cinema. Once again, Anderson perfects his eccentric and whimsical style in his latest melancholy-infused comedy. Three brothers, Francis (Owen Wilson), Peter (Adrien Brody) and Jack (Jason Schawartzman), set out to begin a spiritual quest on a luxury […]

Regina, Fiona, Tori – meet Alison

What’s in a name? Alison Sudol – aka A Fine Frenzy – a 22-year- old singer/songwriter by way of Los Angeles, spent many a sleepless night trying to name her unique sound. First there was Midnight Ink, dismissed early for its dark implications. Then there was Cherry Blossoms, a name that was, well, too flowery. […]

WEB EXTRA: Are You Ready to Rock? Tenacious D Offers a Resounding No

What makes a dumb movie good? Where is that elusive line between laughing at.lets say Steve-O putting a fishing hook through his cheek in the recently released “Jackass 2” and rolling your eyes at Jack Black’s dick, weed, and fart jokes? I wish I knew the answer to this comedic conundrum, because then maybe the […]

WEB EXTRA: DC Rock City: Detroit Cobras descend on the District

Gene Simmons once instructed us to get up and more importantly, get down, in Detroit Rock City. It turns out we don’t have to “shlep” all the way to Detroit to have a good time, because the Detroit Cobras gladly offered up a solid rock show, sans the leather and makeup, at the Black Cat […]

Is reality stranger than fiction?

A good friend of mine is an undergraduate student at Princeton University. Using her liberal arts education to the furthest extent, she decided to major in the cutting-edge field of philosophy. When I asked her about what she found so fascinating – why on Earth she would bother contemplating “I think therefore I am” her […]

WEB EXTRA: D.C. to host jazz piano competition

This weekend, Washington, D.C. will be host to the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Piano Competition and Concert. Named after the prolific jazz musician, this prestigious competition will showcase the talents of a new generation of jazz pianists. The 12 semi-finalists will compete for scholarships and the recognition that comes with winning this internationally celebrated award. […]