Elizabeth Brown

Departing Editors: Leaving the executive chair

At 2:17 on a Monday morning The Hatchet newsroom is unusually quiet. The editors still left in the messy office at 2140 G St. are downstairs in the production room, busy proofing pages, adjusting headlines and making final changes. A little laughter rises up the stairs as they chat, with red pens and highlighters in […]

Family supports troops

The members of the Johnson family of Evington, Va., look nothing like the average demonstrators who frequently take to the streets of the District preaching everything from anarchy and socialism to free love. Dressed in red, white and blue, the family of five carried flags instead of signs. Instead of chanting the now-familiar slogan “Who’s […]

Media veteran Cokie Roberts speaks at MVC

Interviewing a professional interviewer can be a little intimidating, especially if she is one of the most well known journalists in the country. But Cokie Roberts’ poised yet friendly demeanor put me at ease. Her favorite part of journalism is that is gives her a “license to snoop,” and that is what I like best […]

Hatchet elects new editor

Hatchet Editor in Chief-elect Mosheh Oinounou said he hopes to strengthen student trust of the newspaper, gain more reader feedback and continue The Hatchet’s role as a watchdog over the administration and student groups next year. The Hatchet editorial staff elected Oinounou, a junior from Prairie View, Ill., Sunday. He will assume his new position […]

Gettin’ some (food) at the social Safeway

The “Social” Safeway 1850 Wisconsin Ave., NW Friday, March 7, 2003 3:05 p.m. Every weekend it’s the same. I put on some tight pants, mascara, tall boots and head out to a bar. Standing in a cloud of smoke on a beer-soaked floor, I make dull conversation with guys of varied blood alcohol levels. It’s […]

An alternate way to spend post-grad years

When Eve Goldberg assigned her second grade class to read a book at home for homework last year, she thought it would be a simple assignment, but none of her students did it. “A lot of my kids don’t have any books at home – no books. That was a shock,” Goldberg said. Goldberg, who […]

‘Chorus Line’ gives singular sensation

In most musicals the chorus performers blend together to become a wallpaper of sorts behind the stars. In GW’s “A Chorus Line” the opposite occurs. The chorus members are the leads. Each member of the talented cast is strong and complex, adding a fresh dimension to the show. “A Chorus Line” provides a glimpse into […]

Students address intolerance

Freshman Yasmine Rouai sat on the gray carpeted floor in the Academic Center with her back against the cold, white wall. She played with her dark hair as she spoke somberly about the events of the past few days. “People walk around saying they are against terrorism, but they go around terrorizing others (of different […]

A D.C. guide to Fourth of July events

The United States turns the big 225 next month. Although it may not sound as exciting as a 21st birthday bash, many Americans have planned a hearty celebration. Fireworks, parades and backyard barbecues have become the norm for celebrating Independence Day. But in the nation’s capital, the routine celebration is merely a starting point. D.C. […]

The Heurich House Hidden uncovers D.C. secrets

You have family and friends coming in for the weekend to visit and it is your job to entertain them. They have come all this way. They want to see Washington. You suggest the Smithsonian; they have been there. You suggest the FDR Memorial; they have seen it. You suggest a White House tour; they […]