Elisabeth Best

WEB EXTRA: Morning-after pill to hit D.C. before ’07

The morning-after pill is expected to be available over the counter to adult women in D.C. before the end of 2006. The Food and Drug Administration approved the emergency contraceptive, also called “Plan B,” to be sold without a prescription Aug. 24. Plan B reduces the risk of pregnancy by 89 percent when taken within […]

Shooting not affecting vice president’s popularity

The vice president of the United States shooting someone has no measurable effect on his favorability rating, analysts of a new GW-sponsored poll said last week. Following a hunting accident last month in which he shot someone in the face, Vice President Dick Cheney’s favorable/unfavorable rating had no major change, Republican pollster Ed Goeas said. […]

Facebook rival already has 500 GW members

While facebook.com has become an essential to college campuses, this year the most popular college networking Web site has a new rival. Last month a group of students launched XuQa.com – a racier alternate social directory that has sparked competition between the two Web sites. XuQa co-founder Ali Moiz, who graduated last year from Williams […]

Mount Vernon Shuttle involved in collision with cab

A Foggy Bottom-Mount Vernon shuttle was involved in an accident with a cab last week near its stop at 23rd and H streets, shuttle supervisors and students involved said. Shuttle supervisor Hattie Lewis said that no damage was sustained to either vehicle. Students who witnessed the crash, however, said there was minor damage to both […]