Eli Cohen

Hippies gives readers a dose of free love, sex and drugs

Hey you, with the bell-bottoms and the long hair. And you, with that joint between your fingers and that tie-dye. You remember the ’60s, right? You know, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Those were the days. And surely you remember the Vietnam War. The protests, the November Moratorium, the tear gassings and the arrests. […]

G. Love and Run DMC to perform in Georgetown

G. Love and Special Sauce opened its 1994 self-titled album with the line “The things that I used to do, ain’t never gonna do them no more.” Five years later, G. Love has failed to live up to his word. G. Love and Special Sauce has released two subsequent albums and toured relentlessly. But it’s […]

Album offers polished sound

Rusted Root is a big time band. The band’s first major label album, When I Woke , attained platinum status in two years. The band has gone on the road with some of the most famous touring groups of our times, including The Grateful Dead, Santana and Dave Matthews Band. Its music has been used […]

Culture Club

“Cuba and Puerto Rico are two wings of one bird.” This poetic image, written more than a century ago by the Puerto Rican poet Lola Rodriguez del Tio, comes alive in the performances of Dos Alas/Two Wings. Their inspiring show will be performed at Lisner Saturday. The Dos Alas/Two Wings project celebrates the musical traditions […]

Carmen Linares brings flamenco to Lisner stage

Federico Garcia Lorca forever will be known as Spain’s greatest 20th century poet, the voice of a generation and an avid aficionado of flamenco. Carmen Linares, a modern cantaora (flamenco singer), is an international star of the stage, considered by some as the best contemporary flamenco singer in the world. Linares performs at Lisner Auditorium […]