Dustin Harrison-Atlas

2004 candidates discuss issues

The war in Iraq, the economy, health care and education policy highlighted a gathering of all nine 2004 Democratic presidential candidates Wednesday night. Though the candidates were split on the war, all agreed attacking the ailing economy and the Bush tax cut plan was their best opportunity to take back the White House in 2004. […]

GW professor’s McDonald’s suit thrown out of court

Law professor John Banzhaf, whose pioneering consumer health litigation stirred recent class-action lawsuits against fast food chains, said he is not upset with a federal judge’s Jan. 23 dismissal of a case against McDonald’s. The suit claimed McDonald’s is responsible for causing obesity, diabetes and other health issues in young children. Banzhaf called the highly […]

ROTC students speak out

As the possibility of military action in Iraq appears more likely, many Reserve Officer Training Corps students say they are struggling with their own battle on campus – to win the respect of their civilian peers. Some students who participate in ROTC say their civilian classmates misunderstand their motives for joining the military. More than […]

Student campaigns for local candidate

When senior Joshua Balk woke up Tuesday morning, Sept. 10, the day of the Democratic primaries, he dressed in a worn T-shirt with a logo on the back reminding supporters to vote for his candidate. He had high hopes his seven-month grassroots campaign would afford him a new shirt proclaiming “A Victory for Van Hollen.” […]

GW, students give Aramark mixed reviews

Despite student complaints and recent union battles between Aramark and its employees, GW officials said Aramark’s service and food quality is “the best there is.” The University’s contract with food service provider Aramark ends in June 2004, said Managing Director of Business Services Michael Peller. He said that although he could not comment on Aramark’s […]