Donald O. Parsons

Donald Parsons: Culture war in Rice Hall?

The Science and Engineering Complex is controversial among both faculty and administrators. Science and engineering faculty members are desperate for new facilities, which the faculty as a whole has endorsed. That said, many faculty were unhappy with the building emphasis of the Trachtenberg administration, which aggressively channeled student tuition dollars into “reserves” and ultimately into […]

Donald Parsons: S&E Complex will benefit the highest bidders

When the humble and the wealthy of Cologne contributed to their magnificent cathedral, there was little controversy over what activities would be conducted within – souls would be saved according to the guidelines of the Church. Such is not the case with GW’s cathedral (“Cologne Cathedral on 23rd Street?” Feb. 2, p. 4), otherwise known […]

Donald O. Parsons: Where has your tuition gone?

After struggling with courses either closed or crammed into improbably small spaces and taught by adjunct faculty, who are often excellent, but less often available for discussion and/or recommendations “next” semester, a student can reasonably ask, “Where has my ample tuition payment gone?” As at any university, some of your money goes to purposes, administrative […]

Donald O. Parsons: Restoring educational excellence at GW

As we enter the enrollment period for spring 2006 classes, students are reminded that something is not quite right at GW. The luckiest students sign up for the classes they want, courses taught by regular faculty members at reasonable hours. If they are very aware and have a choice in the matter, they end up […]