Diana Kugel

Diana Kugel: Holding on to the holidays

As people start wandering out of Starbucks clutching holiday-themed cups, and as Kogan Plaza gets its first dusting of snow, it is hard to believe that this is the same place where racial and ethnic tensions had been building so highly all semester. All of that seems to be fading rapidly into the past as […]

Diana Kugel: Decoding classroom decorum

Most of us have been attending some kind of learning institution since we were 5 or 6 years old, so the concept of education is ingrained in us. So well ingrained perhaps that we fail to acknowledge just how lucky we actually are. Especially as college students, we are absolutely privileged to be able to […]

Diana Kugel: Augment the advising system

When I arrived back to campus before the start of school this year, I couldn’t help thinking how different everything felt from my freshmen move-in, which was only one short year ago. I knew where to get my ResNet equipment (and where to go when it didn’t work), where to pick up packages and I […]

Diana Kugel: Welcome back to a new GW

Towards the end of August, after a long summer crammed with everything from internships to pool parties, students are eager to return to GW. The city has a kind of indescribable appeal in the fall, as the air gets that crispness that only September can bring, and students begin milling around campus once again. Yet […]

Diana Kugel: Inaugurating the Class of 2011

Chances are that if you are reading this at CI, you are probably going on maybe four hours of sleep, so I won’t take it personally if you don’t make it past the third paragraph. After all, there is only so much “Go GW!” spirit that any individual can take in 48 hours before they […]

Diana Kugel: Savoring summer

The economics textbooks have been slammed shut for the last time and that 20-page research paper has been handed in. As you close the door on your now-empty dorm room, you may temporarily be overcome with nostalgic feelings for the year that flew by way too quickly. But as soon as you step through the […]

Diana Kugel: Rising above right versus wrong

As a columnist, it is fairly clear that I have few qualms about letting anyone and everyone who picks up a copy of The Hatchet know what I think. It is rather exhilarating to know that through the power of the written word, it is possible to let a good portion of the student body […]

Diana Kugel: Unmasking GW

The just-planted flowers are in full bloom, and the recently retouched paint is glistening on the railings. It must be that time of year again: April visit days, when GW puts on its Sunday best in an effort to woo the droves of prospective freshmen that descend on campus. Last year I was one of […]

Diana Kugel: Eat your heart out, GW

After a whole week of endless buffets in Cancun, little bakeries in Europe or mom’s home cooking, it is of no surprise that returning to a daily diet of Quiznos and Chick-fil-A is slightly less than appealing. However, those of you who spent spring break visiting friends at other colleges are probably embracing GW’s dining […]