Diana Kugel

Diana Kugel: There is no “I” in Hatchet

At The Hatchet, we say “we” a lot. There, I just did it. “Are we covering that event?” “Do we put out an issue before Commencement?” “Did we mess up?” For an organization full of people who love to see their own names in print, it’s funny how easy it is to happily accept the […]

Diana Kugel: Give us some credit(s)

I hate math and science. I always have and I’m fairly sure I always will. So even though I will not benefit from the reduced General Curriculum Requirements (and neither will you, unfortunately, prospective freshmen included), I was thrilled to hear that the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences will no longer be forcing its […]

Diana Kugel: Know when to cut yourself off

Why did you decide to go to college? Sure, you may claim it was to expand your horizons, to make lifelong friends, to learn to live on your own and so on. But beyond these surface reasons, I think most students – and practically all parents – will agree that the main motivation is to […]

Diana Kugel: Penny for your thoughts, GW?

Are you worried about the economy because it may be difficult to get a loan for next year’s tuition, or because it will be harder to get a job post-graduation? Well, take that concern and magnify it by the amount the Dow Jones Industrial fell yesterday, and you’ll have an idea of the weight sitting […]

CDs and CRs: Revisiting the campaign

1. What has been your most exciting contribution to your candidate’s campaign? College Democrats: Knocking on doors and getting out the vote for Sen. Obama and candidates up and down the ballot. We met our goal of reaching over 60,000 voters by spending every weekend in Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina. We slept on floors, […]

Diana Kugel: Seek once-a-week

Seventy-five minutes plus 75 minutes equals two and a half hours, whichever way you add it, right? Mathematically speaking, a class that meets for an hour and fifteen minutes twice a week is equivalent to a once-a-week, two-and-a-half-hour session, but the amount of academic output differs greatly. As I was sitting down to study for […]

Diana Kugel: Please, no more politics!

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I am sick of politics. There, I said it! I realize that on this extremely politically active campus, by making this declaration, I may as well be announcing that I hate puppies and world peace too. But something tells me that I probably am not the […]

Diana Kugel: A major problem

The other day, while wandering among the endless stacks of textbooks in the lower level of the bookstore, I found myself constantly distracted by titles of interesting books that I did not need. Sadly, I knew that I would probably never get to read that book on foreign policy or take that class on ancient […]

Diana Kugel: Filling in the blanks

Class of 2012, I hate to break it to you, but you will never get to witness one of GW’s legendary laser light shows. My only concrete memory of Colonial Inauguration’s infamous headlining performance is the image of a cartoon hippo dancing around the words “George Washington University.” Still, as you will soon find out […]

Diana Kugel: Raising the bar for language education

As you leave Foggy Bottom this spring, you may think that GW is going to hibernate until you return next fall. Fortunately, things don’t quite work that way, and one of the projects occurring in the ensuing months is a re-examination of the general curriculum requirements. Hopefully language education will play a significant role in […]