Denise Slominski

Soundtrack delivers more than music

The words Hello, my name is Andy, and this is my soundtrack graces the cover of the Man on the Moon soundtrack (Warner Bros.) as well as a picture of Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman. The design and idea of the cover are simple, and the music is nothing you would expect. The soundtrack houses […]

The Bachelor adds small quirks to romantic comedy

The Bachelor (New Line Cinema) is about one thing. Brides, brides, and more brides. And a bachelor. The movie is the typical boy meets girl, falls in love with her,loses her and tries to win her back theme. The Bachelor has a slight twist, though. There are flowers, birds, romantic music and enough sappy lines […]

Jimmie’s Chicken Shack creates diverse album

Many artists in the music industry tackle the simplest and most complex issues facing today’s society. The most popular topic is clearly love and relationships. At some point, every band will produce music addressing this subject. Jimmie’s Chicken Shack takes its turn with relationships on the band’s new release Bring Your Own Stereo (Rocket Records), […]

Diane Izzo blends folk and rock on One

A recent addition to the music industry, Diane Izzo, whose voice resembles Paula Cole’s, showcases her unique vocal and guitar abilities on her debut album One (Sugar Free Records). Blending rock and folk melodies, as well as a little blues, Izzo’s new release offers listeners a wide variety of material. Although One marks her entrance […]

Don’t have someone special? Feb. 14 can still be fun

As Valentine’s Day nears, those without a special someone encounter the tortures of the season, constant reminders that they are single. From talk of how paired-up friends plan to spend the day to the never-ending roses, candy, hearts and that distasteful Pepto Bismol color around every corner, single people are reminded that they will be […]

Ani DiFranco sends powerful message

In a decade when folk music does not capture attention like it used to, some hints of the genre remain. Blending together rock and acoustic sounds, female musicians of the 1990s have emerged with a different type of folk – folk rock. Epitomizing the new sound, Ani DiFranco returns with her latest release Up, Up, […]

Dave Matthews pairs up with Tim Reynolds

It is comforting to know live albums have not vanished completely from today’s music scene. With their unique sound, live albums create an ambiance that makes listeners feel like part of the concert experience. Although a live album is rumored to be in the making for the Dave Matthews Band, it has yet to be […]

Jack Frost soundtrack won’t warm listeners

The holiday season has come and gone, but winter is far from over. And with the arrival of cold and frosty weather comes the release of winter movies and their soundtracks. The Jack Frost soundtrack (Warner Bros.) features a collection of tunes sprinkled with holiday songs. The selection of songs for the soundtrack is solid, […]

Enemy of the State excites viewers with endless action

An action-packed flick with corruption, murder and redemption, Enemy of the State (Touchstone) takes Will Smith another step away from his days on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Smith (Men in Black) portrays Robert Clayton Dean, a D.C. attorney who suddenly finds himself involved in a web of deceit surrounding the murder of a […]