Deepa Avula

Duking it out with professors for higher grades

Everyone remembers the elementary school days – getting back a test and taking a quick glance just to make sure that there was a shiny sticker next to the grade. Although the days of stickers may be long gone, the days of staring at grades remain. Sometime between elementary school and college, students’ feelings about […]

SPOTLIGHT: National conferences showcase student work

For many seniors the happiest day of the year is when their dreaded senior thesis is finally completed, handed in and never thought of again. Five senior communication majors breathed a sigh of relief after finishing their papers, but then took their work one step further by presenting their material at national conferences. Sara Bakker, […]

Eating their vegetables

The sporadic outbreaks of mad cow disease have caused debate around the world on whether people should strike meat from their diets. For many GW students this concern is not a recent phenomenon because they decided years ago to go vegetarian. Some students said they stopped eating meat and formed healthier eating habits. “I gave […]

Students catch a dose of senioritis

As Commencement draws nearer, GW seniors find themselves aching to put away their books and pens as the pains of senioritis slowly set in. Some seniors said they constantly fight the urge to slack off in their last semester at college, and it becomes increasingly difficult for them to focus on schoolwork. Some students attributed […]

SPOTLIGHT: Student makes strides in AIDS awareness

From as early on as his high school days, junior Jason Franklin has tried to make a difference in his community with an active interest in politics and community service. Franklin said it is important for students to find an issue they care about and devote a lot of time to the issue. That is […]

Tied down in racial discrimination

Everyone has read text books, seen talk shows and heard stories about the subject of discrimination, but just how much does it affect our everyday lives and activities? This is precisely the question sophomore Asad Chaudhry set out to answer. An assignment in the honors sociology class Chaudhry took last semester, required students to teach […]

Spotlight: GW seniors bring hope to South African community

To many students, studying abroad is simply a way of becoming exposed to new cultures, ideas and lifestyles. But to seniors Jed Berger and Dana Rosenstein it was a great deal more than that. It was an opportunity to make a difference in the lives and communities of people less fortunate than them. Berger and […]

Spotlight: Student raise service-learning awarenessSpotlight: Student raise service-learning awarenessSpotlight: Student raise service-learning awareness

Nelda Brown, a second-year student in the public administration master’s degree program exemplifies all the characteristics needed to be called a public servant. Brown has been a community leader since her high school days and has continued to take an active role serving the public in her career and her studies. Brown, from Oklahoma, attended […]

D.C. offers an array of eclectic locations to study

Turned off from noisy residence hall rooms the painful silence of the library, students say they branch out to quiet spots around the city for a better studying experience. The National Mall is a popular place for students to study outside. Junior Kevin Norman said the nation’s most historic landmarks offer a serene atmosphere his […]