Deepa Avula

Tensions Flaring on Campus

Sophomores Hala Rharrit and Zeinah Al-Hajji were standing in front of Gelman Library Saturday when they saw the Palestinian flag with “Free Palestine” chalked on the other side of the street. Getting a closer look, they saw that “Free” was crossed out and replaced with “Defeat.” A few minutes later, the women said they saw […]

Spotlight: Making music magical

For many, music is a means of entertainment and pleasure. But for some it is a great deal more than that. For one person in particular, Desi Alston, the musical director and conductor of the GW Symphony Orchestra, music was a means of survival. Born in 1953, Alston has conducted the GW Orchestra since 1996. […]

D.C. Diary: ‘Tis the season

Saturday, Dec. 1 Pentagon City 1 p.m. I’ve gotten quite good at applying the art of procrastination to all I do, and Christmas shopping is no different. I’ve always wondered what was so urgent about running to the mall the day after Thanksgiving to begin the frenzied shopping. Why not just leave it until a […]

Spotlight: TAs balance busy schedules, low pay

For many students, graduate school brings a heavy course load and demand for research. But for grad students who also work as undergraduate teaching assistants, it brings a host of other duties, too. Many TAs interviewed said they have found balancing their own course work along with demands from the classes they help teach the […]

Buy one, get one half off

Some GW parents just can’t seem to pass up a good deal. About 150 families are taking advantage of a program to send a child to GW for half price. Emphasizing the importance of family, GW gives the tuition break to any sibling of an undergraduate student who gets in. “If I am a student, […]

Spotlight: A transvestite sing-along

As Halloween quickly approaches, some people are carving their pumpkins and baking their pumpkin seeds. But one group on campus in particular has been diligently preparing for the holiday: the cast and crew of the GW production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The group performed the show, known for its unconventional nature, Saturday night […]

GW students make connections working together

Typically, GW students spend time together during class, in their rooms and at parties. But many are surrounded by familiar GW faces off campus everyday – at work. Many students said working with people who not only share their age, but also their school has been a great experience because it gives the workplace a […]

GW changes faces after four years

Seniors said that although construction and renovations are the most noticeable differences at GW since they arrived, dining and housing selection changes over the past four years have also greatly affected the University community. The University has constructed new buildings including New Hall and the School of Media and Public Affairs building and begun renovating […]

Grabbing grub at Gelman

Distinct smells of New York City streets include roasted chestnuts, hot dogs and pretzels. Those smells are wafting their way down the coast and onto D.C. sidewalks. Street vendors are on almost every corner, with several situated on the heart of GW’s campus. Whether running between classes or taking a study break, GW students are […]

Plugging in and tuning out

Although people most often picture partying when they think of the college scene, another activity is eating up time in the college schedule – playing video games. Many students said they spend their free and even not-so-free time in front of Sega or Nintendo game stations. Students said games are a good way to keep […]