Debra Filcman

Big Trouble offers huge cast and huge laughs

The release of Big Trouble was delayed after 9/11 because the film depicts careless breeches of airport security. Finally seeing the light of day, this production is sure to help many of us forget our woes. Under the direction of the acclaimed Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black, Get Shorty), Big Trouble is the surprise hit […]

Stars of Kissing Jessica Stein Bear all to The Hatchet

I enter the lobby of Dupont’s Hotel Rouge with a bit of trepidation. The red walls, leopard carpeting and Alice in Wonderland -style chairs of this chic new hotel are somewhat intimidating. As I sit in wait for my interviewees, I wonder whose quirky personality is responsible for this lodging decision. The stars then arrive […]

Arts: Wells’ classic dies on the screen

The latest film version of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine (Dreamworks and Warner Bros. Pictures) lacks the depth and emotion that its author intended. It is a well-directed science fiction adventure with astounding special effects and some superb acting. But the script is silly and trifling. The film, directed by Simon Wells, grandson of the […]

Summer of Sam alum chats with the Hatchet

Although he is clad in black, Adrien Brody’s personality is anything but dark. I sit across from the up-and-coming actor in his posh Four Seasons hotel room, as he sheepishly dunks his tea bag in water and presents an offering of cookies to his interviewers. Minuscule microphones set, pens and notebooks in hand, silence ensues. […]

Arts: Teen Hottie Samantha Mumba speaks with the Hatchet

African-Irish pop/R&B star Samantha Mumba is giving Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera a run for their money. The 18-year-old diva’s debut album, Gotta Tell You (Polydor Records), not only topped the Irish charts but held an impressive reign on the U.S. and U.K. charts. Mumba, who put her education on hiatus last year, has been […]

Clever banter fuels play

Forbidden Planet Productions’ rendition of Neil Simon’s “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” is a resounding hit. Under the careful direction of Allison Wottawa, it will keep the audience in stitches for the duration of the performance, and possibly well into the night. The audience is given a backstage pass into the realm of the writer’s […]

‘Rough Crossing’ boasts smooth wit

The Generic Theatre Company’s production of “Rough Crossing” is a delightfully witty and entertaining rendition of Tom Stoppard’s play. Much like an intellectual’s “Three’s Company,” this play relies upon the perpetual confusion of its characters to create its momentum. Playwrights Sandor Turai (Matt Johnson) and Alexandra Gal (Caroline Nisbet) are on a luxurious cruise ship […]

Military movies’ last stand

The Last Castle (Dreamworks) is not your typical war flick. In a genre largely pervaded by formulaic plots, the film presents an interesting twist. Both sides are fighting for the red, white and blue, or so they would have you believe. Robert Redford plays the role of Eugene R. Irwin, revered United States Army general […]’s interactive twentysomething show swings into GW for a day

Put six strangers together for a seven-week trip and what happens? No, it’s not the latest show on MTV, it’s a new interactive show presented on the Internet called “Rockcity Limits.” And the cast members of the cyber-adventure visited GW Wednesday. Hollywood producer Hunt Lowry and his partner John Kennedy are establishing a new and […]

Women’s Center program examines body image, advertising connection

The Women’s Center at GW’s Mount Vernon campus hosted a discussion about body image Wednesday night, inspired by the National Organization of Women’s “Love Your Body Day.” Coordinated by University graduate students in charge of the center, Janice Cori and Ruthie Vishlitzky, the event was intended as part celebration and part informative seminar. For the […]