David Kay

Column: Don’t give up on the U.N.

What has happened to the foreign policy of this country in the past two years, that we are willing to forgo constructive participation in the United Nations? Are we all of a sudden forgetful of our historical participation in this important organization – which was the main pillar of an international institutional framework that brought […]

After the invasion is the after party

With American troops now amassing on the outskirts of Baghdad, there should be no doubt in anybody’s mind that the Iraqi Baathist regime’s days are numbered. Regardless of whether we support this war or not, we all knew the invasion would be relatively easy. However, winning the peace – that is successfully occupying and rebuilding […]

Column: Precedent-setting law infringes on rights

A bill was recently introduced in the Georgia State legislature to put new restrictions on smoking. House Bill 175 states that “it shall be unlawful for any person to smoke tobacco in any form in the presence of a child who is in a child passenger restraining system in a passenger automobile, van or pickup […]

Column: An idea for peace in the Middle East

I have an idea for breaking the current deadlock in the Middle East peace process. The centerpiece of this proposal is an immediate “rolling back” of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Here is the reasoning behind it. To begin, the settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip go against […]

Column: Gore’s comeback

“Let me ask you one simple question. Do you, Ambassador Zorin, deny the USSR is placing medium- and intermediate-range missiles and sights in Cuba? Don’t wait for the translation! Yes or no? You are in the courtroom of world opinion right now, and you can answer yes or no. You have denied they exist, and […]

Column: The illusion of Saudi reciprocity

Recently, Saudi Arabia announced it would begin fingerprinting Americans entering their country. I first questioned whether they were suggesting that Americans are a security threat to their country. I learned that earlier this month the State Department began requiring all Saudis entering the U.S. to be fingerprinted. “Our dealings will be reciprocal, we’ll deal with […]

Op-Ed: Do not equate Iraq with the war on terror

The recent car bombing on the Indonesian Resort Island of Bali demonstrates why we should be worrying about the “war on terror” and not Iraq. With regards to Iraq, what has changed in the past five years? Nothing, Hussein still tries to develop weapons of mass destruction. He still brutally oppresses his people and he […]

Op-Ed: Public trials for terrorist criminals

Following the horrific events of Sept. 11, the United States has attempted to win over world opinion by labeling those events as a faceless attack on peace and all civilized people. We trumpeted military actions in Afghanistan as a defense of freedom from tyranny. American diplomats have worked tirelessly to build a coalition of Arab […]

Letter: Crude protest

I am shocked and appalled after reading Monday’s Hatchet (“Bush, Cheney honor veterans at GW,” Jan. 21, p. 1). To begin with, what did the protesters hope to accomplish when they picketed the Smith Center on Friday at an event honoring the veterans? Perhaps this was just simply an exercise in self-aggrandizement. After all it […]

CR abortion argument unconvincing

I was hoping the College Republican’s column in the Oct. 5 Hatchet would at least make me rethink my support of RU-486 (Drug will have little affect on abortion). Boy was I let down. The article did not make one factual statement against the drug except for the vague statement there are many side effects […]