David Heller

Students lobby congressmen on Israel issues

Web Extra About 50 GW students joined students from four universities around the region for a day-long session promoting Israel on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Members of the George Washington Acting Politically for Israel, or “GAP,” student organization, took to the Hill and met with dozens of senators and representatives to discuss U.S. support for […]

Beating the job market

Adrian Fontecilla is in his third and final year of GW Law School. But unlike many other graduate students these days, he does not have to worry about securing future employment in the sparse job market. Thanks to his previous participation in a summer associate program, he and many of his fellow law students already […]

Grad school applications increase

Correction appended Applications to GW’s graduate programs have increased 7 percent from this time last year, but opinion is split on what effect the country’s recession will ultimately have on graduate admissions. In addition to the 7 percent master’s degree application increase, doctoral applications are up by three percent. This follows last year’s five percent […]

Online graduate classes on the rise

A growing number of graduate students never need to set foot on University property to complete their GW education. Over the past four years, the number of new students who entered a graduate-level distance education program run by GW over the Internet has nearly doubled and the number of online courses has almost tripled. Last […]

Grad schools target GW students

The School of Public Health and Health Services and the Law School are stepping up recruitment efforts among GW undergraduates this year, school officials said. With more student interest in the two schools, SPHHS and the Law School plan to hold events focused on reaching out to students already on campus. “Those students know what […]

Half do not complete CCAS Ph.D.s

Undergraduates might complain about a heavy workload and tough classes, but their chances of getting a degree are far better than those of doctorate students. Only half of all Ph.D. candidates entering the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences in 1998 had earned a Ph.D. eight years later. Of those that did not, 5 percent […]

Grad students study overseas

The opportunity to study abroad does not end with an undergraduate diploma, but it does take on a different form. Many graduate students looking into study abroad programs this fall are finding that a semester overseas is not only a viable option, but a highly advantageous one. Educational opportunities abroad can better satisfy specialized or […]

US News reviews law rankings

A possible change in the way that law schools are ranked in US News and World Report could upset their current order for next year, potentially affecting the GW Law School and other institutions across the country. US News and World Report, which publishes one of the country’s most prominent law school rankings in the […]

Graduate School of Business responds to GMAT cheating scandal

Correction appended A cheating scandal that emerged this summer involving the Graduate Management Admissions Test left GW and business schools around the country scrambling to determine which students should be held accountable. On June 20, a federal court found Scoretop.com, an online GMAT test preparation site, guilty of copyright infringement. Over five years, Scoretop illegally […]