David Cuddy

Forum: Environmentalists confused

Some would have us believe the emission of greenhouse gasses is directly linked to global warming, that global warming is currently a significant problem and that raising taxes and creating new government programs is the only way to curtail global warming. Those same people have recently tried to use H.R. 1646, the Foreign Relations Authorization […]

Forum: Tax relief, not tax hike

Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) is the latest in a string of Democrats to criticize President George W. Bush’s tax cut plan from last May. Kennedy and many in the media would have us believe the president is somehow seeking to destroy the entire nation, except for his wealthiest supporters. Such discussion of the president’s tax […]

Forum: Pot harms kids, nation

While those calling for legalization of marijuana are looking out for their own interests, those who oppose it are looking out for the well being of our country. Some who support its use claim that marijuana is neither addictive nor worse than alcohol or tobacco use. First, when alcohol and tobacco use began, we did […]

Forum: Treaty hurts Americans

Earlier this month, Australia announced it would follow the United States’ decision not to sign on to the Kyoto Protocol, and the European Union said it felt it could not retaliate against the Bush administration for making its decision. Yet some in the U.S. criticize President George W. Bush for failing to understand the requirements […]

Forum: Strikes protect U.S. pilots

There is a growing effort to distort the conflict in Iraq by blurring ethnic and human rights issues. The Bush administration, however, has chosen to address the cause of the problem and refuses to participate in international bickering. Air strikes last Friday by U.S. and British forces, despite what some believe, have been well overdue. […]

Forum: Bush’s faith-based success

President George W. Bush fulfilled one of his campaign promises on Tuesday by sending to Congress his “ideas and proposals” to expand federal funding to faith-based groups. Some would have Americans believe that this means Bush is starting a program to give our tax money to Christian churches. This is not the case. To begin, […]