David Ceasar

David Ceasar: Splicing commas and growing up

We often do sexy things at The Hatchet. Photographers shoot girls mud wrestling and buildings burning. Reporters run up to police tape and nearly get arrested at riots. Features editors even put together an entire issue devoted to sex in the spring. Commas, on the other hand, are not sexy. But I must have seen […]

David Ceasar: For what it’s worth

Staring down the final weeks of a college career, undoubtedly there are questions about the next step in life. While this personal reflection is expected and healthy, it behooves us to also actively explore the University that helped shape us, whether in the graduation survey, faculty evaluations or phone calls to administrators. Thousands of soon-to-be […]

David Ceasar: Bond is only part of the puzzle

The University announced two weeks ago that Commencement’s keynote speaker will be the chairman of the NAACP, and similar to last year, many students are bemoaning the decision. Some have criticized Julian Bond for controversial remarks about conservatives, but most are simply disappointed in the administration not snagging a celebrity. Well, I have a dirty,little […]

David Ceasar: Second thoughts on SA endorsements

“Your endorsements remind me of the old joke, ‘People say I’m ignorant and apathetic. I don’t know what they’re talking about and I don’t care.’” Such a message greeted me Monday morning after our editorial page published its lack of confidence in any of the presidential candidates. The letter to the editor expressed a sentiment […]

Hatchet editor spends the night with MPD in Anacostia

The two men Officer Jason Romlein placed in the back of his police cruiser were disoriented. High on PCP, they had just crashed a blue Dodge Caravan into a tree in the Anacostia neighborhood in Southeast Washington. But Romlein, 30, seemed to feel a little silly himself. One of the two handcuffed men looks dazed […]

David Ceasar: Devolution of dining

In recent weeks, Student Association leaders have lobbied the administration to diminish the unpopular mandatory minimum spending at J Street. Both sides have been in serious discussions about how to balance Sodexho’s financial needs to operate at GW and the appeasement of student concerns. The crux of the supply-and-demand problem lies in the quality of […]

David Ceasar: An open letter to President Steven Knapp

Dear President Knapp: In the short time since we have been back from winter break, you have already held two forums for gaining insight on campus sustainability and the overall GW experience. Dubbed town halls or, even more to-the-point “listening sessions,” these events serve as a much-needed platform for seeking student opinion on a host […]

David Ceasar: Predicting the unpredictable

It was as if two of my favorite television shows – “E.R.” and “The West Wing” – merged together and became reality last week. A candidate for president of the United States had been pronounced dead, and then miraculously was brought back to life nearly an instant later. Did the New York junior senator’s campaign […]

David Ceasar: The other president

Amid the formal pomp and circumstance of University President Steven Knapp’s inauguration Friday morning, a familiar – and somewhat inane – figure greeted a half-packed Smith Center. Donning a GW basketball cap in place of the more traditional mortarboard, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg made a borderline raucous entrance to the stage during the 17-minute-long processional. The […]

David Ceasar: Resisting the scandalous urge

Controversies reported in the media are analogous to a rash. As much as we know scratching it is only going to make it worse – making it more inflamed and widespread – we can hardly control ourselves. It feels so good, at least at first, to satiate the urge to scratch, but in the end, […]