Dave Smith

Column: Looking for logic in final exam grades

Ah yes, the final day of class is here. This wondrous day that used to be one huge holiday party back when we had spelling homework has turned into a juggernaut that clogs me like a Meximelt. For an entire semester, I have done the reading and gone to classes like a good student and, […]

Eastwood rages at columnist

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Clint Eastwood. He has had a pretty active last couple of years with remarrying, buying a piece of the Pebble Beach Company and building his own golf course – stuff I like to get done on the weekend. I really wanted to inquire about […]

Be `Biggie Joel’ on campus

Let’s talk about our much-renowned president, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. I understand it is pretty popular to call him Notorious SJT and Biggie Joel. Lots of students like to bash him, but I am not here to do that. When President Trachtenberg came to GW in the late ’80’s, this school was nowhere near the level […]

Solve nation’s ills with suds, smiles

OK, OK, everybody got their little wish of having a Subway Series. So now that I can stop watching baseball, I can focus on the second most important thing going in our country now: the presidential election. I have been around politics my whole life, and politics have mediocre credibility in my mind. But the […]

Beantown boy bashes Yanks

I am stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the GW campus for a moment and into the final weeks of the Major League Baseball season. I am going out on a limb here and hope not to end up in a cast. I hate the Yankees (and the Mets – but not as […]

An ode to ‘bushjumping’

There is a phenomenon that sweeps our campus,And it is not the belief in the lost city of Atlantis.It tangos in the valley and rumbles in the dell;Some say it emanates from Dante’s Seventh Circle of Hell.It is neither Christina Aguilera nor Britney Spears,Who is a freshwoman at GW from what I hears. This is […]

Serving up a side of BA beef

Am I a cow? This is the thought that blasted through my head right in the middle of my philosophy class. A look of despair crossed my face as if I had just been told that the Meximelt machine at Taco Bell is broken for the fifth time in four days. I am in the […]