Dave Smith

Column – On Your Tonsils: Real Excellence awards unveiled

I have been hearing about the Excellence in Student Life Awards for some time now, and just like in People magazine’s Sexiest Man list, I was snubbed. But what are these awards anyway? I can only imagine that they are excellent and thoughtful awards for students that do very good things on this campus. No, […]

Column: Chain letter curses all who disobey

Editor’s note: Dave Smith received this e-mail recently and instead of forwarding it, he thought he should share it with the entire GW community. He recognizes the danger he puts himself into by not completing the chain. Ninjas be damned. Hopefully, you have received this e-mail from one of your friends concerned for the health […]

Student strands member of Congress

I once interned for Rep. Sam Farr of California. I had a good rapport with him and considered myself the hottest son of a gun this side of Waffle House. Now when I say good rapport, I do not mean the kind of rapport Monica Lewinsky and Chandra Levy had with their respective bosses. There […]

Column: Study abroad? You bet.

It’s good to be back in The Hatchet. My semester off really helped me sort out some spiritual and physical problems I had with my Spanish-channel habit. It was tough, but my three-month stay at La Iglesia del Cabr?n, located deep in the rainforest jungles of Idaho, really helped me establish my sense of self […]

Column: Bar will raise spirits in Kogan Plaza

In order to spice up GW’s campus for next fall, I have a few recommendations to include in the campus plan. Perhaps with these changes, the plan will be acceptable to the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment. First, I want to do something constructive with the patio space next to the dome thing in Kogan […]

Column: Spring fever claims new victim

Pardon me while I wallow in my own emotional and motivational filth. I am really not that mature. You would want to think that over the last three years of college I would have matured into this presentable young man that parents would want their daughters to bring home. But no, the difference I notice […]

Column: Slang ain’t square, y’all

Have you ever thought about how many ways people communicate? There are so many ways to say “hello.” You can do the hard-guy nod where you twitch your head up and under your breath give a “wassup.” Or slap hands and give a half hug. But language does more than say “hello.” Look at how […]

Enter the retro time warp

It hurts. I mean it hurts so bad to be this cool. Painfully hip. I have my finger on the pulse of coolness. It is easy for me to recognize what is cool these days: retro. The retro style has been slowly filtering into American culture since the mid-’90s. It lies at the foundation of […]

Column: Florida chads bear shrub

When asked about the father, Chad said it was a confusing procedure, and there were too many partners to be completely objective about it. Friends of Chad, also named Chad, were left swinging or hanging as to whether the newborn might be called George W. Bush or just simply Al Gore. Thankfully, the courts took […]