Dave Mann

Managing, living, learning

My last piece for The Hatchet, and I wish I had something meaningful to say. I don’t. I wish had glorious insights that would resonate with readers. And years later, they’d quote me to their friends mingling over cocktails at dinner parties, wondering where they procured such brilliance. I wish I could mold this last […]

By 5 a.m., J Street scene turns surreal

Emcee Anthony Rizzuto strolls to the front of J Street, microphone in hand, and opens the student election festivities Wednesday night. “Welcome to Election Night ’99,” he says in a nasal voice. His pronouncement is answered by scattered cheers and a groan from the crowd. It’s 11:30. The night is young. Election night is a […]

Xavier visits GW for A-10 West Championship, bragging rights

It would be hard to top the last time Xavier ventured into the unfriendly confines of the Smith Center to take on the GW men’s basketball team. But the game there Saturday might come close. Last time Xavier was in Foggy Bottom, the Colonials pulled off a thrilling victory against the 18th-ranked Musketeers Jan. 14, […]

GW can’t match up with Owls

PHILADELPHIA – GW men’s basketball head coach Tom Penders knows the reason his team lost 72-56 at Temple Saturday. Poor shooting was the culprit. “We didn’t hit the shots that we needed to hit to stay with them. I’m firing my offensive coordinator,” Penders said with a small laugh. He didn’t have much to smile […]

King of the World explores the life of `the greatest’

David Remnick opens his enthralling look at Muhammad Ali’s early life, King of the World (Random House), with a turning point – the first bout between Sonny Liston and Ali, who was still known as Cassius Clay. The Feb. 25, 1964 fight was the beginning of the end of Liston’s tragic career and was the […]

Ringside with Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer spoke in the Marvin Center’s Betts Theatre Thursday without his usual sideshows – no brawling lovers, no raucous crowd chanting his name and no nudity. In a 40-minute lecture, Springer criticized the media, offered his opinion on the Clinton impeachment trial, stressed the importance of the right to privacy and often mocked his […]

Funding woes stifle alternative voices

GW’s campus now has more gates than student newspapers. When the satirical newspaper Protest THIS! folded its print edition last month, it joined the ranks of several other upstart publications that ended their runs because money was tight. Campus publications such as It magazine, Unfiltered and The GW Independent have closed down in recent years, […]

GW is sixth college for Penders

It’s easy to believe Tom Penders when he says he has stumbled into a perfect opportunity. Easing back in his slick brown leather chair after an early-season practice, he rattles off the reasons he spurned a lucrative television broadcasting offer and became the 23rd coach of the GW men’s basketball team. “This is a job […]

GW athletics seeks approval from NCAA

University subcommittees charged with reviewing GW’s athletic department presented their recommendations for changes at four sparsely attended meetings last week. The self-study is part of the University’s effort to gain NCAA certification, which is necessary for GW’s teams to compete in NCAA athletics. The NCAA requires all schools to conduct a self-study every 10 years […]

Delaware policy sets example

As one of the top-10 binge drinking schools in the nation, the University of Delaware had the kind of reputation administrators didn’t like to talk about – it was a party school. Boosted by a $750,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to fight binge drinking, the university’s administrators went on the offensive against […]