Daniel Riesser

Panic Room pits Jodie Foster against unknown attackers

Remember that movie where the kid is alone in his house and burglars break in, and he builds all these traps to foil the burglars’ plan? Director David Fincher probably remembers the movie, and while his new film Panic Room does revolve around a similar cat-and-mouse plot, Fincher would probably die if he read a […]

Killing TV characters made cool: Death to Smoochy

Manipulative agents, scheming television execs, the violent leader of a charity organization for building children’s hospitals and a psychotic, vulgar ex-television star have all joined forces to kill a kindhearted, innocent purple Rhino named Smoochy in the witty satirical comedy Death to Smoochy. Edward Norton (Fight Club) stars as Sheldon Mopes, a struggling children’s entertainer […]

Saves the Day rocks out 9:30 club

Back in November when The Hatchet interviewed Chris Conley, singer and songwriter for the pop-punk band Saves the Day, his band was on the verge of breakout success. Conley himself came across as a meek, soft-spoken introvert, no different than any dorky kid you might pass on the street. But now, months later, Saves the […]

Arts: Hatchet talks with Margaret Cho

Though her act in the Smith Center Saturday night focused on topics like menstruation and colon hydrotherapy, in person comedian Margaret Cho is serious and soft-spoken. In an interview with The Hatchet, the 33-year old comedienne talked about her act, her message and some things on the horizon. Cho has tackled several forms of media, […]

Count of Monte Cristo lives up to classic novel

Regardless of its status as a literary classic, readers have sometimes regarded Alexander Dumas’ novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” as tedious and slow. But the new screen adaptation by director Kevin Reynolds manages to keep a fast pace and avoid tedium while remaining true to the classic story. The film tells the tale of […]

Arts: Saves the Day singer drops sensitive pretense

Despite his lyrics on fallen friendships, broken hearts, pain and suffering, Chris Conley, singer and songwriter for the New Jersey-based punk act Saves the Day, believes he is “probably the luckiest kid you’ll ever meet.” Given the rising popularity of his band, its ever-expanding fan base and a successful new album, his statement bears some […]