Dana Liebelson

Getting that Internship

Students sometimes pride themselves on juggling more internships than classes, but for those who have yet to step foot in the rat race, finding a position can seem daunting. Whether you’re a freshman salivating over the opportunity of running around Capitol Hill or a senior with a full résumé, here’s a quick guide on some […]

Knapp honors donors

If the President’s Ball was anything, it was lavish. The ball, the first of its kind, was held to honor the cr?me de la cr?me of GW donors: those who had donated more than $100,000 during this fiscal year. It flaunted GW pride with buff and blue linens, video montages and gifts of George Washington […]

Shaken not stirred

On weekend nights, when GW students dress up and take cabs to their favorite neighborhood hot-spots, they rarely bother to notice who is behind the bar. But look again – the person checking your wristband and twirling glass bottles may very well be in your 8 a.m. calculus class. GW students get involved with bartending […]

Group fitness classes buff up

If you happened to stroll through University Yard last week, you might have stumbled upon four athletic-looking guys jumping around on the grass, muscling their way through sets of push-ups and balancing on inflatable blue spheres. The demo might have looked like it belonged to the ROTC Navy, but then again, there is nothing quite […]