Dan Kinney

Runners go the distance…in ribbon dancing

As a member of the cross-country team, Keith Moody is used to performing in front of a crowd, but when he stood up on the stage of the Dorothy Betts Theater wearing a woman’s bathing suits, and holding dancing ribbons, he said the experience was totally different. “We’re used to sports and racing. It was […]

One-stop viral video shop

Move over YouTube – you’re not the only viral video site on the virtual block. GW graduate student Matt Silverman created Best Viral to be “the one place with all the hottest videos” and it has been ballooning in growth ever since it launched in October. Instead of clicking on a plethora of viral Web […]

Weekly Checkup: Energy Drinks

When students bounce from class to student organization meetings to parties, energy drinks are an easy way to stay awake. But recent studies show that frequent consumption of drinks such as Red Bull is not only unhealthy but also dangerous in certain situations. The use of Red Bull with vodka or Yagermeister mixes a depressant […]

A streetcar named Desire parks near campus

A historic New Orleans streetcar parked itself a few blocks from campus as a symbol of the Garden District’s resilience Friday. The 47-foot-long streetcar, named Desire, sat on the corner of 14th and E streets as a reminder from the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau that the best way to support the city […]