Dan Gabriel

GW tackles recent rash of binge drinking

After a string of underage drinking arrests and alcohol-related hospitalizations, the GW administration is ratcheting up its responsible drinking campaign to head off serious injury or even fatalities. The recent alcohol-related incidents at GW are underscored by a recently released survey conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health. In it, medical researchers detailed what […]

Rediscovering the Cold War

On a cold, bright November morning in 1995, a British film crew pans the streets of Fulton, Mo. Little has changed in the last 50 years. But shreds of archival information recently unearthed for CNN’s “Cold War” documentary series paint a much different, colorless picture of Fulton in March of 1946. That month, President Harry […]

`Flower power’ is gone, but student activism still flourishes

The year was 1970. Around the nation, student activism was at its apex, and in Washington, D.C., GW was a hotbed of demonstration and discord. In a Feb. 21 special edition, The GW Hatchet reported: “Rocks, clubs and gas filled the air yesterday as the GW campus became a battleground between police and hundreds of […]

Ollie North brings voice of conservatism to GW

Former U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Ollie North delivered a message of “hope and encouragement for the future” to a standing room only crowd in the Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre Wednesday night. But his appearance at GW marked more than a motivational seminar for the College Republicans. As the organization starts the year under the leadership […]

Ph.D. students fight CSAS fee increase

Graduate students are mobilizing to protest a change in Columbian School of Arts and Sciences policy that would raise the tuition of doctoral students in the dissertation stage $645 per semester. Until recently, doctoral candidates who had completed 72 credit hours of course work but still were working on their dissertations were required to pay […]

In a nation yearning for peace, the shame of violence rears its head

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – President Clinton will encounter a precarious political climate when he visits Northern Ireland next month. But it will a less dubious atmosphere than the one he experienced on his last trip here in November 1995. After a summer of standoffs and stalemates, what holds the historic Good Friday agreement together today […]

Summer class takes students on field trip of a lifetime

The war in Northern Ireland is over – except for the handful of violent spasms since the 1994 cease-fire between the warring paramilitary factions. But peace has yet to find its niche in this archaic enclave of fatalistic culture where the politics of intimidation still reign, and a factionalized political process hangs over the 1.6 […]

After year of battles, grads revel on Ellipse

Student workers waded through thousands of empty Aquafina water bottles to stack 22,000 folding chairs in the aftermath of Sunday’s Commencement on the Ellipse. Thousands of newly-graduated GW students celebrated with family and friends, reveling under hazy skies. It was, in the words of one administrator, “a great day of fun in the sun for […]

Dole joins listof renowned speakers

Since GW’s Commencement was moved to the Ellipse in 1992, an assortment of famous speakers have stood behind the podium to deliver the ceremony’s keynote speech. From First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in 1994 to comedian Bill Cosby in 1997, GW Commencements have drawn high-caliber performances from celebrity speakers. U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William […]

Gelman houses last surviving copy of Bay of Pigs document

“We are out of ammo and fighting on the beach. Please send help. We cannot hold,” the Cuban exile commander begged in broken English over the radio. The date was April 16, 1961. Cuban dissidents, organized by the CIA, landed at the Bahia de los Cochinos on the southern coast of Cuba. The Cubans were […]