Dan Gabriel

Op-Ed: Make tolerance apply to Christians

“Surely, this was the Son of God!” said the Roman soldier on Calvary two thousand and one years ago, on that first Good Friday when the Earth shook and the heavens darkened as Jesus Christ bowed his head and gave up his spirit. In the faiths of Catholics and Christians alike, that soldier uttered the […]

The Senate will be in order

When the U.S. Senate was ready to deliver its summons to President Clinton, the man charged with the constitutionally awesome task was Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper James W. Ziglar, GW class of 1968. As the chief law enforcement and protocol officer in the Senate, Ziglar is responsible for the management of support services and […]

1968: The year civil rights hit Greek-letter life

Entrenched in a climate of rampant racism and daily fear, half a dozen African-American students at Cornell University in 1906 decided it was time to take a bold step. Together they founded a brotherhood called Alpha Phi Alpha, successfully establishing the nation’s first black fraternity on a college campus. Twelve men created the fraternity, but […]

Declassified papers shed light on Bay of Pigs invasion

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has outlasted eight American presidents and established his country as one of the world’s few remaining footholds of communism. And in recently declassified documents published in a book late last year, GW’s National Security Archive Director Peter Kornbluh offers a unique look at one of the United States’ biggest Cold War […]

Swerving off course

The path from GW freshman to Colombian School scholar is littered with cheap beer, tuition-induced poverty and J Street indigestion. But a true milestone for many freshmen may be an academic one. The first day of every semester, freshmen walk into a classroom to complete their English requirement and emerge wondering whether they have crossed […]


First in an occasional series It was 1993, John Boesky’s freshman year at New York’s Sarah Lawrence College. During an argument with his roommate, Boesky labeled the young man a “faggot.” Boesky’s friend, Marlin Lask, stood a few feet away and laughed at the comment. Weeks later, Lask and Boesky were charged with harassment under […]

The Vigil Continues

In a patch of woods just a few clicks from the Lincoln Memorial, a squad of soldiers maneuvers silently under the moonlit sky through the imaginary jungles of the 38th parallel, frozen in statuesque immortality. Down the trodden footpath is the V-shaped wall that points to Saigon, triggering memories and flashbacks of a later generation […]

Exorcising the demons: 25 years after the film

Looking down the steep gray stone steps that lead from Georgetown University to M Street on a dreary autumn eve, it’s not hard to picture Father Karras’ broken body laying at the bottom in a pool of blood, his head twisted 180 degrees. It’s Halloween. It’s Georgetown. It’s the 25th anniversary of the film The […]

MPD arrests underage GW drinkers

Seven GW students who were arrested for underage drinking by the Metropolitan Police Department last week will face additional sanctions from the University, said Mike Walker, senior assistant dean of students. The students, who ranged in age from 18 to 20, were arrested at local bars last Thursday and Saturday nights by undercover Alcoholic Beverage […]