Curtis Whatley

Curtis Whatley: Honking the horn of anonymity

Nothing is more irritating than D.C. motorists who insist on honking their horn every chance they get. I have lost count of how many times a blaring horn rudely interrupted my sleep or unmercifully squashed my good mood. One night, I finally had enough when a bus driver thought it was necessary to relentlessly honk […]

Curtis Whatley: ‘West Wing’ addiction

Since arriving back to GW, my roommates have watched not one, not two, but three seasons of “The West Wing.” Rather than pooling money together for rum and coke, they reach into their wallets to buy one more season on DVD. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen people close to me suffer from “West […]

Column: More than just a rapper

When rapper Kanye West used the cameras at NBC’s “A Concert for Hurricane Relief” to tell viewers that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” producers didn’t believe their eyes and ears. Before West could turn his sights on Vice President Dick Cheney, the network cut to comedian Chris Tucker and snipped the rapper’s tirade […]