Cory Struble

Cory Struble: Affording college

The current economic crisis has focused much of the government and the media’s attention on how to keep homeowners in homes, investors in the stock market and bankers in the business of lending. Almost absent and yet equally important in this dialogue is the question of how to keep students in school. For years, students […]

Cory Struble: Getting the finance debate right

Web Extra In the Hatchet’s interactive debate earlier this week, I asked Student Association candidates via YouTube how they would streamline the financial process for student organizations. I prefaced this question with the assertion that the discussion on student org finances has thus far been superficial because many candidates haven’t run student organizations and therefore […]

Cory Struble: Obama will get the U.S. back on track

It is undeniable that the past eight years of President George W. Bush’s administration have been injurious to the soul of America. Under Republican control, America has gone from being the “can-do” nation to being the “can we?” nation, from peace and prosperity to war and recession. The candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), however, […]

Tackling your major dilemma

Senior Dana Kathrins came to GW without a declared major. The introductory courses in speech and hearing science, sparked her interest and after a dean’s seminar in the subject and a sign language course, Kathrins was hooked. Choosing a major can be one of the most stressful experiences of a college student’s academic career. Incoming […]

Graduating halfway around the world

Hussam Mustafa has not returned home to Saudi Arabia in five and a half years. He is an international student who has spent the last nine years at GW, first earning a master’s degree and just recently completing a doctorate in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. “After 9/11, getting a return visa has […]

Pitch switch: Transsexuals get speech therapy

When you listen to Gracie Daniels speak, you would never know that she was once a man. Standing at a model’s height, her feminine, yet somewhat stern-sounding, voice matches a slender body that shows no trace of her former gender. Daniels has been working on the feminization of her once-deep voice with GW professor Tish […]

Viewing the Darfur conflict through another lens

While his parents and siblings were unwrapping Christmas presents halfway across the world, sophomore Jason Mojica woke up to the cry of gunshots ringing out across Ab?ch?, Chad. Minutes later, members of the Sudanese Liberation Movement rebel group, armed with 50-caliber machine guns, arrived at his ramshackle motel room in a pick-up truck caked in […]

WEB EXTRA: Public health professors urge legislators to mandate HPV vaccine

GW professors urged legislatures nationwide to mandate vaccinations for a cancer-causing virus in public schools. Soon after the release of Gardasil, a vaccine for the human papilloma virus, the D.C. City Council and other state and local governments began introducing legislation mandating the drug. HPV is a virus that has been shown to cause certain […]

Bookstore company sued for overcharging

Two students in Florida are suing Follett, the book company which manages the GW Bookstore in the Marvin Center, for money they claim the chain has unrightfully earned from used book sales. Students Thomas Rebman and Danny Brandner of Daytona Beach Community College filed the lawsuit Sept. 26 against their school and Follett Corporation, which […]

Students improv dance on Metro, around the city

A student-run improvisational acting group performed on blue-line Metro cars Sunday as part of its participation in the D.C. Improvisation Festival. “Extraordinary Sightings” was the theme of this year’s festival, which ran from Thursday to Sunday. It included an improvisational dance around rush-hour commuters on K Street and an improvisational skit at the National Art […]