Corey Jacobson

Corey Jacobson: Banning laptops does not ban boredom

I’ll never forget the first piece of gum I chewed in high school. For the first time in my education, school policy allowed me to chew gum in the middle of my Spanish class without getting a detention. Since that day of liberation, I have entered college and gained even more freedoms in the classroom, […]

Corey Jacobson: Skip the second minor

Web Exclusive Your college degree ain’t worth what it used to be. Gone are the days when a college degree represented the gold standard of education – and students are looking desperately for ways to distinguish themselves. At the same time, students have developed a perception that modern careers require a diverse skill set. The […]

Stacking up school pride at local universities

Anyone who has spent a significant amount time in Foggy Bottom is likely aware of GW’s lack of school spirit. But why do some schools have an unwavering sense of pride while others simply do not? To find an answer, The Hatchet visited four other D.C.-area colleges to determine what exactly fuels school spirit. AMERICAN […]

Divine schooling

Perhaps it was fate that brought Sister Mary Gretchen and Sister Mara Lester to Foggy Bottom. After all, Midwestern nuns are somewhat of a rare breed at GW’s medical school. But last year, when their religious order in Michigan assigned them to become physicians, the two traveled to the nation’s capital. Now they study at […]

Toasting to public speaking

University Police Department Security Officer Noah Roberson, dressed in a crisp blue shirt and tie, swished his hands through the air and spoke with an undulating voice as he attempted to convince a room of people why they should attend GW. But this wasn’t a tour of potential students – it was an impromptu speech […]

Beer pong bedazzled

Red Solo cups and ping pong balls have taken on their own definition at GW and nearly every other college setting, so when a pyramid formation of plastic cups align on a makeshift table it can only mean one thing: beer pong. With an elegant flick of the wrist – becoming less graceful with each […]