Colleen Psomas

Weekly Checkup: Meningitis

You may think you’re college to-do list is getting thinner as you start to take care of the obvious errands, but with all the excitement that goes along with coming to school in September, make sure to get vaccinated for meningitis. Meningitis is an infection often caught by college students living in dorms. It is […]

Satisfying cravings, a bike ride at a time

Senior Zak McAdoo put on yet another layer – a fuzzy pink sweatshirt – before braving the cold. He slung a bulky bag over his shoulder before taking off on his bike. McAdoo then sped off into the February night as he usually does, to satisfy munchies for DC Snacks, the late-night online snack business. […]

What’s the deal with… The park at 22nd and H?

Tucked away between a GW garage and a few residence halls lies a little piece of history at the corner of 22nd and H streets – a small park to commemorate the former location of the home of abolitionist Leonard A. Grimes, an active player in the Underground Railroad in the D.C. area. During the […]

Sleepless for the big screen

Operating on no sleep and countless cups of coffee while working feverishly to add the finishing touches with a fast-approaching deadline is a situation all too familiar to any college student. The final product a team of GW students rushed to finish recently was not a term paper, but an original film. The group of […]

International exchange students experience GW

Nineteen-year-old sophomore David Apelbaum lives in Mitchell Hall, participates in the student organization STAND and is taking classes in history and international affairs. When the school year ends in the spring Apelbaum will go home like most students, only for Apelbaum, home is in Paris. While studying abroad is a popular path for many GW […]

GW anthro students monkey around

Gordon, who was rescued after being stoned at a squatter camp in South Africa, was recently released back into the wild. Jason, also known as “little peanut,” has recovered from a much needed arm amputation and Blue has found a father figure in Stephen. Gordon, Jason, Blue and Stephen are just a few of the […]