Claire Autruong

Tightening GW’s belt a notch

Money is on everyone’s minds these days. Amid failures and bailouts, Wall Street woes and penny pinching all around, there was some good news on the campus front when The Hatchet reported Monday that GW is finally moving away from funding its many building projects with debt (“Univ. to lower debt dependency,” p. 1). Before […]

Claire Autruong: Flame out, move on?

Whatever happened to China? Little more than a week after the closing ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, a topic that was at the forefront of chatter around the copier and at the news desks is conspicuously absent. Where has all the controversy over Chinese smoke and mirrors gone? The Beijing Olympics were to be […]

Claire Autruong: Playing the middle against both ends

Sitting on a fence is rarely comfortable. In a country as polarized by politics as the U.S., sitting on the fence can get downright unpleasant. Frankly, political moderates in this country are misunderstood, marginalized and manipulated. “Moderate” has become almost a dirty word in the political realm, a supposed refuge for the politically ignorant and […]

Claire Autruong: Reimagining general requirements

I received an e-mail the other day from the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences asking me to take a survey I couldn’t wait to fill out. If there’s one topic besides academic advising guaranteed to outrage a CCAS student, it’s General Curriculum Requirements. I’m no exception. After three years at GW, I had plenty […]