Cindy J. Roth

Burying the Hatchet one last time

Chances are you are about to breeze right by this article, and to tell you the truth I can’t blame you. For the past four years I have read the columns that seniors get to write for the last issue of the year and they are filled with private jokes I never got and thank […]

WEB COLUMN: Common ironies

Terrible service at restaurants is a pet peeve of mine. I was once a waitress and I know what it is like on the other side of the apron. Sure the kitchen can be slow. Sure the waiter/waitress could have a large area to serve, but there is no reason it should take 25 minutes […]

WEB COLUMN: Common ironies

Ever wonder why in the schedule of classes that lists all of the courses, times, locations and professors for the upcoming academic semester that some courses have professor’s names listed and others just say “staff.” How can a department plan a class if they do not have anyone to teach it at the designated time? […]

Handheld computers extend beyond the palm

First it was beepers. Then came Game Boys and cell phones. And now pocket-sized computers are the newest handheld technology. Today’s college-age generation has grown up at the forefront of technology, and the newest trend is not escaping its grasp. Handheld computers such as Palms cost from $150 to $550 with varying capabilities. Almost all […]

WEB COLUMN: Common Ironies

More high schools are taking the approach of group work versus individual efforts. It’s been said this style of teaching is modeled after colleges and universities around the country that promote group work. When these kids apply to colleges are they going to apply as a group? In the real world there is a sense […]

DCD: Dysfunctional Diner

March 9, 2001 The Diner 2:30 p.m. I became a diner connoisseur my senior year of high school. There is not too much to do on Long Island after midnight , and that’s where diners fit in. Most diners are open until at least 3 a.m., and the good ones are open 24 hours. For […]

WEB COLUMN: Common Ironies

My computer is schizophrenic. Some days it works perfectly and other days it won’t even let me turn it on. Some days it turns on and automatically freezes, and that’s when it starts to play mind games with me. As I patiently wait for a program to upload I see the little clock come up […]

DCD: Parking wars beyond the bumper

February 22, 2001 65 K Street N.E. 10:45 a.m. I seem to accumulate tickets quicker than the cockroaches reproduce in my friends’ Schenley residence hall room. Parking, speeding or having no registration – you name it, I’ve gotten a ticket for it. When I’m at fault, I usually pay the tickets and get on with […]

WEB COLUMN: Common ironies

I spend most of my days thinking about the little things that others probably do not pick up on. Call them common ironies or whatever they may be, they leave me perplexed and often unable to concentrate on what is really important. It is pretty common that a lot of professors have written and published […]

Order of the Hippo’s not-so-secret secrets unveiled

Secret societies exist on many prestigious college campuses. While most enlist a secret membership and do things in the name of their organizations to improve their communities, GW’s secret society, the Order of the Hippo, is anything but typical. Established in 1997 by University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg and a group of students, the Order […]