Christopher Richards

Bright Eyes, a.k.a. Conor Oberst, creates powerful sounds

If video killed the radio star, rituals killed the singer-songwriter. Nevertheless, in 1999, there’s a sensitive white guy with a guitar for every Starbucks, and a song of heartbreak for every Frappuccino. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine that folk music was once avant-garde. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine Bob Dylan as the most dangerous musician […]

Les Savy Fav goes overboard on The Cat and the Cobra

In the day and age of postmodern detachment, anthemic indie-rock is a few steps away from the endangered genre list. And perhaps thankfully so – the scene already is swarming with shallow boy-rock entities. After patiently lurking in the shadows of mid-decade post-punk, Les Savy Fav bursts onto the scene with The Cat and the […]