Christopher Jenkins

Column: Don’t rush to judgement

It was quite disappointing to read in the Nov. 11 issue (“Board will not admit students,” p.1) that the Board of Trustees has seen fit to try to preemptively nullify any and all discussion of student representation on that body. Even if their reasons have some validity, it sounds as though they have not completely […]

Column: Better SA coverage

Now that elections are over it is time for someone to step up and defend our Student Association against the misperceptions and accusations leveled by many candidates and The Hatchet. While criticism is a key element of representative government, it must be backed up by facts rather than innuendo. The Hatchet has frankly done a […]

Column: A maligned presidency

There has been a lot of griping lately from supporters of President George W. Bush about the alleged hatred that his political opponents have for him. This has come up in The Hatchet, in the public press and on CNN’s “Crossfire.” The president’s sympathizers have even used the term “pathological” to describe what they see […]

SA: all are welcome to participate

There have been a lot of things said about the Student Association lately; not surprisingly, most of them are negative, which in my opinion is extremely unfortunate and not well deserved. Therefore, I am writing this with a novel purpose, namely to defend OUR Student Association. Yes, contrary to what many seem to believe, the […]

Politics stops by the water’s edge

While I agree with some of the policy substance, I was quite disturbed by the implications of Brandon Wales’ op-ed “Save the Iraqi people, not Clinton’s presidency” (p. 5) in the Jan. 25 issue. He, like some Capitol Hill Republicans, had the audacity to suggest that the timing of President Clinton’s military operations is politically […]

NJ needs McGreevey as next governor

New Jersey will be one of two states electing a governor Nov. 4 to serve into the 21st century. New Jersey’s Democratic Party has nominated Jim McGreevey as its candidate to unseat incumbent Republican Christine Todd Whitman. While believing in and practicing fiscal responsibility, Jim McGreevey believes that government can and should provide necessary services […]