Christian Ewing

The fashion behind the politicos

If one of the responsibilities of our political officials is to dress in a way that makes their messages easier to digest, the male speakers had a great deal to learn from their female counterparts at Live from the White House: Making and Shaping the News, featuring four former presidential press secretaries, in Lisner Auditorium […]

Remembering the quake

Karl Delatour was sure the world was ending as he felt his house shake violently. As the tremors flung water over his 4-story house, he braced himself in a door frame as his country fell apart. Delatour’s mother, Haitian first lady Elisabeth Preval, and stepfather, President Rene Preval, were at the president’s residence when the […]

Gambling on grades

How much is an A in biology worth? Ten dollars? Twenty? Fifty? If you ever thought you’d score a better grade if money were on the line, you’re in luck., a website that allows students to bet on their grades, is expanding to GW and 33 other schools this year. The site allows students […]

Civilian patrol helps protect at-risk neighborhoods

Their ammunition is a stack of pamphlets. Their weapons are rolls of masking tape. Their sirens are bright red berets. They are the D.C. Guardian Angels, a civilian police organization that works to deter crime in at-risk communities in the District. An international organization with 138 chapters in 14 countries, members work toward a universal […]

Students will receive Census forms in residence halls

The U.S. Census Bureau has teamed up with the GW Housing Programs and GW’s department of Government, Community and International Relations to streamline the process of counting students, the University’s top government relations official said last week. All students in GW residence halls will be given census forms to fill out from their house staff […]

Truth in a tabloid scandal

Mike Tyson has threatened to throw him down the stairs. Cher discovered him in her closet. Madonna has invited him behind closed doors to give him the first glimpse of her in chains on tape. And most recently, his organization helped expose the secrets of a former presidential candidate. Barry Levine, the executive editor of […]

Holiday Guide: Ten gifts under $10 for this holiday season

At the end of the semester, with Colonial Cash dwindling and debit cards running dry, it’s hard for us to feel in the spirit of giving for the holidays. As many of us have exhausted whatever mommy-money rations we had back in October, here is a list of 10 gifts under $10 for a fun, […]

Financing loans across the globe

Huddled under the protective covering of a rainproof tent in Kogan Plaza, GW students escaped the monsoon-like rains last Thursday night to pledge their time and money to budding entrepreneurs in the third world. Those who participated in the event were engaging in one of the latest trends sweeping international development: microfinance. They were attending […]

Clothing the rebellious soul

“You Are the Christ. You Are the Buddha. TRANSCEND.” So reads the graffiti on a wooden plank photographed next to an angsty-looking young man, circa 1960. Surrounded by a roughly drawn smiley face, a Star of David with 666 inside and a stylized peace symbol, the message on the plank conveys a disregard for religious […]