Christian Berle

Op-Ed: Fix registration system

Have you ever stood in line for a flight and had to wait for eternity while everyone boards the plane ahead of you because they have some sort of priority status? Once you do get on the plane, there is no room in any of the overhead bins. I would think this annoying practice would […]

Forum: Lottery leaves out juniors

I was disheartened by what took place this weekend in J Street. Scores of rising juniors were left without housing for next year. By number 1,000, barely any options were open to students who wanted to live on campus. The Community Living and Learning Center and Residence Hall Association were negligent. They overestimated how many […]

Forum: Still too many unanswered questions

As a concerned student, I pay close attention to what goes on in the Student Association. I guess I am among the few who actually place value in what is the voice of the student body. This is why I am so concerned about the new SA constitution that is being proposed. Dan Loren, former […]