Chris Ingui

A Billy Bob Christmas

Yeah, that’s right, Billy Bob Thornton is playing a dirty Santa who’d rather be naughty than nice. The thing about “Bad Santa” (Dimension Films), however, is that Thornton isn’t as “bad” as people may think. In a recent Hatchet interview, he discussed the making of his latest film, comparing it to his own surprisingly traditional […]

Behind the Scenes: Richard Donner on the making of “Timeline”

Films like “Lethal Weapon,” “Superman” or “Goonies” need no introduction. But while films like these become a part of pop culture, the individuals behind them often fade quickly from the public eye, if they ever get noticed at all. Behind the scenes of the aforementioned films is director Richard Donner. Donner’s latest work, “Timeline,” currently […]

The Matrix: Revolting

As I stood beside my fellow film critic we both aimlessly stared off into the Potomac River. We were torn on a single issue: should we throw ourselves in or burn every theater in the world so that no man, woman or child would accidentally wander into one of the most overblown, self-important, epic pieces […]

Talking baseball with The Boss

It had been a long day I had been in New York City all weekend covering press events for an upcoming movie release. The city was undoubtedly more charged than usual, with the Yankees-Red Sox feud just ending. An air of extra importance had swept over the city the prior week, and with the fantastic […]

Redford speaks at Kennedy Center

On Sept. 9th, legendary actor, director, producer and activist Robert Redford appeared at the Kennedy Center to deliver a policy speech on the importance of public funding and preservation for the arts. The speech was the headline attraction of this year’s annual Nancy Hanks lecture, sponsored by Americans for the Arts and the Film Foundation, […]

Robert Redford interviews The Hatchet

I’ve done my fair share of interviews, and in every one of them I felt like the interviewer, but this was not the case as I sat down with Robert Redford. As I settled in something became clear: Redford was interviewing me. “Take a seat. It’s all right. I would rather talk with you than […]

At the movies: Vampires, Werewolves

Vampires used to be suave intellectuals of the night, but nowadays they just seem to be senseless materialists who sit around and dress in Italian fashion. “Underworld” re-imagines a world where vampires and lycans (werewolves) roam the earth in a constant blood feud that has lasted well over a millennium. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is the […]

Reel to Reel: A refreshingly unromantic tale

Hollywood romance is a sick thing. Boy meets girl, sparks fly, a conflict is found, a conflict is overcome, let’s get married. This standard plot construction is something of a disease that just can’t be cured at the box office. But now I breathe a chest full of fresh air; at last there’s a film […]