Chris Ingui

Recalling Kubrick

On March 7, 1999, the cinema lost one of its greatest and most infamous filmmakers. He was accredited with being one of the first independent filmmakers, his career spanning more than 50 years and 13 films, every one of them memorable. These films would give rise to some of the most notorious characters the industry […]

Have we created a monster or has the monster created us?

About a month ago on the Metro, I recall reading an article in The Washington Post regarding the scientific advance of facial transplant surgery. It literally referred to slicing the face off one person and slapping it on the sanded down face of a patient far beyond the benefits of Botox. While reading it, situations […]

Revisiting Schindler’s List

It has been more than 10 years since “Schindler’s List” first swept the box office in 1993. Now, for the first time ever, Universal Studios, alongside the Shoah Foundation, has released the landmark film on DVD. Tuesday’s release accompanies the 10-year anniversary of the “Shoah Visual History Foundation,” which Steven Spielberg founded immediately following the […]

Lone ranger, forged by fire

“A character is highlighted, forged and defined, to some degree, by going through an ordeal. It’s in ordeals and moments of stress, it’s how an individual reacts.” –Viggo Mortensen It’s a relevant starting point – an ordeal that forges and defines the figure who survives it. Transgressing the boundaries of any single subject or moment […]

Cinema, sex and revolution

What hit me first was the turnout. The line wrapped around every wall and up the stairs as patrons from all over D.C. waited with the hope of snagging a seat to view Bernardo Bertolucci’s latest work, “The Dreamers” (Fox Searchlight). The buzz about this film is unfortunately due to the controversial rating it has […]

Ranting Rollins

He said he was going to penetrate the “salty sea” of right-wing fanatic Anne Coulter. Half the crowd gasped in awe, the other half was shocked into hysterics. It was impossible to resist: I was undoubtedly part of the latter. The reality of sitting for more than three hours and watching a very active middle-aged, […]

D.C. native and hardcore legend

In the late ’70s Henry Rollins made his name known as front man of the memorable punk band Black Flag. From there what began to unfold was the development of an international persona recognized first and foremost for his genuine and unadulterated rage against society’s hypocrisies and downfalls. After Black Flag he founded The Rollins […]

Hatchet Movie Awards 2003

Most ridiculous car chase: “The Italian Job” I understand that it’s not easy to re-invent the car chase. I mean, it’s all pretty self-explanatory. But Mini Coopers? My God, this was just sad – souped up Minis scooting around to save the day. To the auto industry, Mini Coopers have come to represent the Ewoks […]