Catherine Barnao

Faculty salaries pick up, still behind

GW’s faculty salaries have climbed more rapidly than many of its private peers’ over the past decade, though they still fall toward the middle of the pack overall, according to a Hatchet analysis of national data released Monday. Salaries for the University’s associate, assistant and full professors rose by 12 and 17 percent, adjusted for […]

Endowment bounces back with $38 million gain

The University’s endowment has jumped $38 million since last summer – good financial news after a fiscal year of stagnant investment returns. The endowment – which helps cover academic, construction and financial aid costs every year – now sits at $1.338 billion midway through the fiscal year. The University released this month its endowment numbers […]

Administrators doubt advantages of free online courses

The University is poised to join its most prestigious peers and offer free online courses available to anyone in the world, but some top administrators are skeptical – which could cause the plans to hit a wall. GW’s new online learning czar Paul Schiff Berman said in early January that he will spend his first […]

First steps toward online revolution

GW is on the verge of joining an online education revolution, following in the footsteps of elite universities that have over the past year launched hundreds of free online classes – open to anyone with computer access. The massive open online courses, or MOOCs, include videos and slides on topics ranging from philosophy to nutrition, […]

Report: Class technology lags five years

Faculty are complaining that GW’s classroom technology is behind the curve, and a report found this month that the outdated equipment stems from a “severe” budget shortfall. Almost all classrooms have outdated equipment, and GW’s classroom technology division cannot meet professors’ demands for upgrades, according to the Faculty Senate report. Some of the equipment passed […]

Students take to the streets in celebration

Four years later, students dashed again down Pennsylvania Avenue and across 17th Street to revel in the reelection of President Barack Obama. The anxious waiting game as Obama racked up electoral votes broke into a rowdy after-party in front of the White House – a GW and D.C. tradition. News outlets announced an Obama win […]

ESIA wary of new admissions model

Students and faculty in the Elliott School of International Affairs say one of the signature proposals in the University’s strategic plan may hurt its admissions prospects and push away applicants.