Cate McGuire

“Finding Neverland”

“Finding Neverland” (Miramax) stars Johnny Depp. Need a girl say anything more? Even the most mediocre endeavors can be made viewable through this man’s great presence. But while there is nothing mediocre about “Finding Neverland,” Depp’s seemingly effortless performance as J.M. Barrie, the Scottish playwright who brought “Peter Pan” to the stage, raises it far […]

Silly People, Silly Movie

In an early key scene from “Bright Young Things” (Revolution Films), the impoverished and indebted Adam Fenwick-Symes, on the wisdom of a shady horse-racing tip, casually hands over nearly all his money to an intoxicated stranger. This act of unforgivable stupidity caused me to stop caring about Adam. I didn’t care if he ended up […]

Gothika a nice surprise in theaters

The next time you meet a schizophrenic individual, pause to consider that he or she might be persecuted by vengeful ghosts. Halle Berry’s first stab at commanding a horror movie, the highly atmospheric “Gothika” (Warner Bros.) probably won’t change the way you perceive the supernatural thriller, but it might upset your deeply rooted beliefs about […]

The Cooler review

What is “The Cooler”? It is an ocean of overwrought pathos, pulling the audience under and rendering them apathetic to cinema. It is an attractive ship piloted by able captain William H. Macy but headed toward the craggy rocks of “Also Starring Alec Baldwin.” It is a bigger waste of talent than Daniel Snyder’s Redskins. […]