Carson Rolleri

A synagogue, acting more like a nightclub, reels in young crowds

It’s not your typical conversation in a synagogue, but it shows why Sixth and I is booming as a cultural hub for both the Jewish and D.C. community. Over the past year, it’s packed its pews when National Public Radio hosts with thick-rimmed glasses held talks and even as indie rockers Deerhunter hit the stage.

The Hatchet’s Gift Guide: What techies, foodies and D.C. lovers want

The pressure is on at the end of the semester thanks to more than just final exams — it’s time to face the daunting task of buying gifts for friends and family. Whether you’re shopping for the family members who always has the latest iPhone, the music enthusiast with a penchant for obscure bands or the wild card friend, get inspiration from The Hatchet’s gift guide.