Caity Leu

Election editorial misses the mark

As a candidate who ran in the student elections last year, I completely disagree with several assertions made in The Hatchet’s Thursday staff editorial JEC Repeat. I cannot believe that anyone would think that the election process was better last year than this. Many people I ran into on the street during the two days […]

SA’s new mission: Student advocacy

Eight months ago, I was elected executive vice president of the GW Student Association. I wanted to serve the students, and I wanted to serve the students as executive vice president. However, one of the duties of the executive vice president is to become president if the president is unable to fulfill his or her […]

Student groups deserve more funding

Every year those of us involved with student groups dread the Student Association financial allocation process. We submit inflated budgets in the hopes of getting the actual amount we need. We plan what things we can charge our members for and what things can be cut assuming we don’t get the money we need. For […]

SA works hard behind the scenes

While I will never say a person should not have his or her own opinions, it is important, I think, for everyone’s opinions to be informed. The op-ed “SA needs to get a clue,” published in the Oct. 13 issue of The GW Hatchet (p. 5) was definitely not an informed opinion piece. Mr. Meinert’s […]