Caitlin DeMerlis

Seniors in the arts at GW

Senior theater major Daniel Kenner may be best known for directing Generic Theater Company’s “Crave,” but there’s more to this Rhode Island native than just splatter paint and stream of consciousness. Completing what may have been one of GW’s most talked-about productions of the year, Kenner’s theatrical endeavors certainly don’t end here; he plans to […]

Ambition in Three Acts

The impact of a theatrical production can echo through people’s lives for years. This ability is difficult to master, but GW’s many student theater groups intend to reach this goal this upcoming semester. The three student theater groups on campus boast a diverse, challenging and creative season. With everything from Shakespeare to Tony Kushner to […]

Classic violence: Shakespeare in Washington

Grappling for something to keep you and your parents entertained during commencement week? Here’s a fresh idea: take them to a show. D.C. is currently participating in the “Shakespeare in Washington” program, so if your parents are into iambic pentameter, you’re in luck. Now playing at the Shakespeare Theatre, “Titus Andronicus” is bringing all of […]

Singing their way to the top

A tiny, unbearably warm room in the basement of Ivory Tower wouldn’t normally bode well for holding a young woman’s attention. But fill that room with 12 young men who sing, rumors of pants-less rehearsals and a bit too much testosterone, and suddenly things get interesting. Who could these charming fellas be? None other than […]

Drama in the District: A brief guide to theaters in D.C.

October 19 marks Washington, D.C.’s first annual “Free Night of Theater.” Twenty-three theaters across D.C. will open their doors for free to a limited number of patrons in participation with this annual event. Presented by The League of Washington Theaters and the Theater Communications Group, “Free Night of Theater” is being launched as a campaign […]

“Red Light” illuminates deceptions

With mouths hanging open, audience members from “Red Light Winter” exit the Studio Theatre, shocked to speechlessness. A story that centers around the relationship of two college friends, “Red Light Winter” by Adam Rapp undresses human relationships, leaving the characters naked, in more ways than one. Rapp’s piece was crafted to highlight the friendship between […]

Prof. Maida Withers presents ‘Thresholds Crossed’

Think of an older woman whose hair is graying and whose life experiences show in the creases of her skin. Now think of that woman in a dance leotard, devoid of her social confines. This woman dances for five hours a day, flies around the world, meets with foreign artists and goes to bed well […]