Caitlin Caporale

Women going shot for shot with the guys

When picturing a binge drinker, who are the stereotypical candidates? While most think of the fraternity brothers of Animal House or jocks crushing beer cans over their heads, recent research shows females are increasingly hitting the bottle and tapping the keg. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, published in the American […]

Bills, bills, bills

One of the biggest challenges for college students is gaining more financial responsibility. Whether it is a hefty rent payment or the freedom of having a credit card for the first time, bills in college can often be the catalyst for a future financial disaster. Tony E. Dalton, Bank of America manager at the 2001 […]

Features: Fitting in and standing out

In high school the hallways were full of cliques – jocks on one side, theater people on the other. Whether labeled a nerd or a snob, many can relate to an identity associated with a certain group. At GW, many students say the groups have not left the forefront of the social world. Freshman Jason […]

DC Diary: A taste of the world within the Beltway

Taste of Bethesda Bethesda, Md. Saturday, Oct. 6 2:47 p.m. Picture last Saturday and the Saturday before that and the one before that. What was so exciting about those weekends? Sleeping? Attempting to study? Or maybe just lounging around watching vintage “90210” reruns on FX. Well, we admit that we found ourselves trapped in this […]

Spotlight: Winging it

An empty stage, a spotlight, hundreds of scrutinizing eyes on the faces of rowdy college students and no script. While such a scenario may strike fear in the hearts of most GW students, to the members of GW’s only improv/sketch comedy group, Recess, it is all in a day’s work. “When you get on stage […]

Residence halls not limited to GW students

On the bustling floors of residence halls live men and women without midterms, debit dollars or floor meetings. Who are these mysterious few? The select group makes up the more than 40 non-GW students who choose to call GW residence halls home. The West End houses 27 permanent residents, Director of Housing Services Andrew Sonn […]