Brittany Plavchak

“Cabaret” production at Arena Stage is an intimate affair

“Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!” to Arena Stage’s rendition of “Cabaret” (director Molly Smith) – the highly praised and Tony Award-winning 1966 Broadway musical. With a magnificent blend of talented actors who tell a tale embodied with scandalous and wildly entertaining elements, this is definitely one performance that audiences cannot afford to miss. Set in 1931 in […]

WEB EXTRA: Play review – The Gigli Concert

If you had the option to choose whether to continue forth with normal life or to sacrifice everything for “one short sweet hour” to fulfill your most precious dream, what decision would you make? This is by no means a simple question, but I can assure you that I would spend that hour as far […]

A gold digger is ‘Born’

My friend was thoroughly impressed when I explained to her that it’s really no big deal for me to spend $25 on dinner at Zed’s Ethiopian Restaurant in Georgetown; $5 on a single box of Cheerios from District Market; $10 as a donation to the “Bum on Virginia Avenue”; and $200,000 on college tuition. Actually, […]