Brittany Levine

Mount Vernon shares sheep

Sunday night was the first time George and Noel had ever spent the night together. On Monday at sunrise the two, who rarely saw each other around the 500-acre estate, hopped in a red Ford pickup truck and left their friends, family and Virginia home behind. They were leaving the Mount Vernon they had come […]

A look at historic Watergate network

It was 1970 – pre-Watergate, pre-Nixon’s second-term, pre-“All the President’s Men” – and Bob Woodward and W. Mark Felt, commonly known as “Deep Throat,” sat on a bench in the White House. They were strangers with few things in common besides GW. Woodward, a lieutenant at the time, was on assignment as a courier to […]

Concert Review: Ryan Adams

Web Extra Ryan Adams is not an entertainer. He is not a puppet. If you break his concentration as he watches his fingers slide down the neck of his guitar or as he croons his neck back as if singing to some power above, he will pull out a blow horn and ramble about control […]

What’s the deal with… …birth control prices at college clinics?

The days of cheap birth control are over. College students used to be able to get brand name contraceptives at discounted prices at their campus health clinics due to promotions. But a 2005 federal law known as the Deficit Reduction Act changed the calculations that drug companies use when paying Medicaid rebates to states. This […]

Storm clears but GW volunteers don’t

The seven blocks that span from Michoud Boulevard down to Alcee Fortier Road along Chef Menteur Highway make up a community that looks as if someone swooped up a village in Northern Vietnam and then planted in New Orleans. Christina Wadhwani, a 21-year-old senior at GW, first stepped onto these seven blocks in March of […]

Clocking out your freshman year

Student X spends most of their time during the first few weeks of September goofing off and partying every weekend. By November they have their first chemistry test, a 10-page English paper due, no cash, have used half their GWorld debit dollars getting late night nachos at 7-11 and to top it off, cannot stand […]

Alluring academic accoutrements from head to toe

Graduating students were not the only ones dressed in cap and gown during Sunday’s commencement ceremony. Professors, deans and other members of GW’s faculty who have master’s or doctoral degrees were also covered from head to toe in academic regalia. Rather than just a black on black robe and mortarboard cap adorned with buff and […]

Displaced for a day

Cardboard boxes transformed into an overnight shelter; saltine crackers and one bottle of water were rationed for food. More than 4,000 people said “Displace Me” on the National Mall on Saturday. For 24 hours, their life mimicked the Internally Displaced Camps in Northern Uganda. Displace Me is just one aspect of a youth movement to […]

Students faint in Corcoran chemistry lab

In the last five years, there have been no incidents of students fainting in Northwestern University’s organic chemistry laboratories, the lab director said. In the last seven years, two students at Duke University have passed out in the three- to four-hour labs, the lab manager said. At GW, six students have passed out in the […]

New York arrives in Adams Morgan

The people working behind the bar here aren’t mixing drinks and opening tabs – not yet. They’re sawing things, peeling off painters tape and searching for the water shut-off valve in hardhats and tool belts. An electrician is making the final touches to 28 loud speakers and 6-foot-tall subwoofers, and someone is installing a photo […]