Brittany Levine

Rollergirls take it out on the track

Five-Ho wanted to get a black eye. But it was her opponent, Hoova Dayum, that got pummelled. As Hoova swished around the track amid a pack of DC Rollergirls, another skater’s wrist pad hit her left eye. At the end of the two-minute scrimmage, she rolled off the court, holding her glasses in her hands. […]

Vying for visibilty and unity

Correction appended SKEE-WEE! SKEE-WEE! EE-I-KEE! EE-I-KEE! OO-OO-P! OO-OO-P! These are the calls of the black sororities on campus. And they are calling for GW to take notice. The three black sororities at GW are known for being discreet. They do not hold formal recruitment like traditional sororities. They do not have townhouses on 23rd Street. […]

April Fool’s Issue: Gawker finds Gelman Lover

Reader’s note: This story is satirical in nature and published in a spoof issue. Sophomore Marco Polo thought he was only waking up to the dull roar of janitor’s vacuums during the month that he slept in the Gelman Library. Little did he know that the People Watching Association was also breathing softly in the […]

Pre-gaming, Spanish style

ALICANTE, Spain A group of Buzz Lightyears got buzzed on the street, drag queens drowning in tulle and glitter frolicked around them, and a swarm of Captain Jack Sparrows pretended to walk the plank. This was just a morsel of the craziness that is Carnival. What began as a way to release all partying temptations […]

Nude scene causes student theater strife

Claude, a young man who has been drafted to serve in the Vietnam War, stands center stage in the GW production of “Hair” as a bright light shines upon him. The audience is frozen in his thoughts as he waffles between going to war or remaining in a hippie counterculture in New York City. Six […]

Getting the gifts that won’t be regifted

Get personal with your gifts this holiday season. Instead of buying your friends generic gifts that they will probably regift or return, buy gifts that fit their personality and style. This year, take this handy guide that breaks down the classic types of friends that run in your circle and pinpoints gifts that they will […]

Find your holiday muse? Think outside the gift box

It is easy to take a jaunt up to Georgetown or hop on the Metro to Pentagon City to do your holiday shopping, but that is also boring, been-there-done-that work. Holiday gifts should be special, so make the most of our D.C. location and browse these museum gift shops for a twist on holiday gifts. […]