Brian Gralnick

Forum: Make marijuana legal

The conclusion of the 1972 National Commission on Marihuana (sic) and Drug Abuse was that marijuana should be legalized. President Richard M. Nixon personally appointed the commission, which included four physicians and four members of Congress. Although times have changed, marijuana policy has not despite these findings. According to the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the […]

Forum: Send addicts to hospital, not prison

Saturday evening, the audience members of Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect witnessed significant discussion concerning the policy of incarcerating non-violent illegal drug offenders. So what’s wrong with our current national drug policy? As the Justice Policy Institute, a D.C. think-tank reported this summer, the United States currently incarcerates more non-violent illegal drug offenders than Western Europe […]

Statistics show drug war is a failure

Danielle Gonzales’ Oct. 14 opinion piece protesting New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson’s visit with GW’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy was filled with misleading statements and counterproductive mudslinging, like much pro-prohibition rhetoric. The writer labeled the governor a buffoon and stated, all right-minded citizens of New Mexico have never taken him seriously. This is a […]