Brendan Polmer

Brendan Polmer: Obviously, not in it for the money

As any editor at The Hatchet will attest, there are several perks that come along with the job, no matter which section you control (news, sports, life, opinions, arts). Seeing your name in print, having editorial control over content, being in charge of a group of writers, feeling elitist – these are all reasons. One […]

Brendan Polmer: Google is forever

This is it, everyone – my last column on the opinions page of The Hatchet. Ever. Hard to believe, really. I’ve crashed this page about once a month or so ever since my sophomore year, and let me tell you – it’s been real. It was really fun back in the day being a rebel […]

Bhangra Blowout XV: Bigger and better

Bright-colored clothes, hot beats, guest appearances – no, it’s not a hip-hop record premiere party. This is Bhangra Blowout, the 15-year-old brainchild of GW’s South Asian Society. Fourteen years ago, the student group hosted its first Bhangra Blowout – a celebration of percussive music and dancing based on classical Indian music- in a small cafeteria […]

South by Southwest: Best of the Best

AUSTIN, Texas – Of all the bands we saw at this year’s South by Southwest music festival, the following bands had the biggest impression on us. Sure, there were probably countless other shows that we missed and should have seen, but we’re only two people in the midst of thousands of bands that descended upon […]

South by Southwest: Born to ryhme live

AUSTIN, Texas – Bay Area hip-hop artist Lyrics Born embraces change. A gifted rapper with Japanese and Italian roots, Lyrics Born (whose real name is Tom Shimura) has seven albums to his name, not to mention numerous guest appearances, production spots and mix tapes. His latest project hits stores April 22, titled “Everywhere at Once,” […]

Brendan Polmer: Texas is where it’s at, baby

AUSTIN, Texas – For most college students, spring break is a time for lots of rest and relaxation. This is ideally how I would have liked to have spent my final spring break during my college career – but instead, I chose to once again head down to Austin, Texas, for the South by Southwest […]

Brendan Polmer: When will they learn?

Oh, Eliot Spitzer – tisk tisk. You naughty boy. Haven’t you learned anything about sex and politics? In case you haven’t noticed over the past several years, they don’t tend to mix very well. Following a string of Republican sex scandals over the last year and a half – including Louisiana Sen. David Vitter and […]

Brendan Polmer: Is the media pimping out politics?

A few days ago, MSNBC co-anchor David Shuster accidentally called Chelsea Clinton a ho for her mama’s presidential campaign. Referring to the fact that Chelsea was calling up celebrities and super delegates on the phone, asking them to support her mother’s campaign, Shuster said, “Doesn’t it seem like Chelsea’s sort of being pimped out in […]

“There Will be Blood” scores big

It is not the first time a connection has been made between blood and oil. We’re all familiar with the clichéd anti-war slogan these days, as shouted by protesters, worn on t-shirts and printed on bumper stickers. Yet in “There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage), the latest picture by Paul Anderson (“Punch Drunk Love,” “Magnolia,” […]

Brendan Polmer: Almost the beginning of ‘real life’

This is it. The last stretch. The final frontier. So how do I feel as a second semester senior at GW? Excited? Sure. Anxious? Oh yeah. Scared? You bet’cha. I’m only less than a week into my last set of classes and I’m already nervous – with 17 credit hours, a job, an internship and […]