Brandon Perlman

On the Style radar

With the holidays coming in full force its time we all start asking our loved ones for the fashionable gifts that will make our holiday season. If you cannot just prance down to Fifth Avenue in New York this Thanksgiving break, I have for you some Web sites perfectly suited for virtual window shopping. For […]

On the style radar

Between exams and homework, another problem plagues GW students – the age old question of what to wear. The Hatchet took the same 100 men and 100 women sampled in a previous survey over the course of two days in classrooms, Funger Hall and J Street. We asked the student body a variety of questions […]

On the Radar

Sampling the diverse styles of the GW community is not an easy task. Styles and fashions among us span the tastes and looks of our student body. With each article of clothing we choose to put on we project a statement about who we are to the world. All of our past experiences, ethnicities, upbringings […]