Bradley Dlatt

Bradley Dlatt: Funds and benefits outweigh the price of SEC

Colleges and universities are largely driven by competition. Every school strives to attract better applicants and ensure the continued value of that university’s degree. In the increasingly competitive fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, many universities across the country are entering the battle with guns blazing to attract federal funds, the best professors and […]

Bradley Dlatt: Becoming a Washingtonian

The weather has turned warm, the cherry blossoms have bloomed, and GW students are becoming overwhelmed with papers and exams. This combination can only mean one thing: summer is nearly here. For some GW students, summer is a chance to stay in D.C., to take on that internship that couldn’t fit into the school year […]

Bradley Dlatt: SA elections from an insider’s perspective

For most of us, Student Association elections are a yearly headache. They represent a time of year when we each go out of our way to avoid getting palm-carded in Kogan. We also have to deal with that annoying kid in our hallway, class or student org who just won’t leave us alone about supporting […]

Bradley Dlatt: College students and corporate funds

The up-and-down events of the past few weeks have reminded me why we are so fortunate to live in Washington during this time in history. The United States Supreme Court last week opened the door for political corruption at unprecedented levels by overturning limitations on corporate spending on political ads and elections. The immediate aftermath […]

Bradley Dlatt: Fixing 4-RIDE’s flaws

Of the many common experiences that bind us together as a GW community – moments like waking up way too early to register for classes or attempting to spend the required amount of money at J Street – there is one that casts its shadow over Foggy Bottom during these frigid winter months: “You have […]

Bradley Dlatt: Registration frustration

For many GW students, these past few weeks have included meeting with advisers and spending hours scouring the schedule of classes to fulfill the seemingly endless GCR requirements. All this while still aiming for that three-day weekend – not to mention the endless searching on Rate My Professor for ‘the easy guy.’ After the stress […]

Bradley Dlatt: A great time to double the impact

As one undergraduate student among more than 10,000, it is pretty easy to think your voice does not matter. After all, one vote does not decide a major election and one fan screaming cannot change the outcome of a sporting event. However, when we talk to friends or roommates and exchange ideas, the voice of […]

Bradley Dlatt: Creating the GW brand

When I visited GW as a prospective student, I was told by admissions staff that “something happens here.” Looking back, I’m reminded of the familiar NBA tagline: “Where amazing happens.” In some ways, GW has a lot in common with the NBA. Both promote themselves as the definition of excitement, competition and ‘life-changing’ experiences. Based […]